Making decisions with the facts, not emotions

In response to a recent letter by George Branson, the statements I made regarding abortion were based on facts that I gathered from primary sources, including the writings and findings of Margaret Sanger, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To conclude that the statements I made were false, without providing any backing or use of resources beyond your own feelings, is unscholarly and unacceptable. Let the reader beware of favoring emotionalism over inquiry and applied science.

A local priest made a friend pregnant. That was wrong. The women excluded her — they were wrong. These perpetrators of evil did not follow the teachings of Christ. Judging the Church by the behavior of nominal-Christians, i.e. fakes, will not allow a person to form a correct understanding of God’s Church.

Branson made two fallacious statements, connected them, and then determined that abortion is supportable. In so doing, he invalidated his own premise. None of Branson’s arguments justifies abortion. Abortion is wrong, and to call it “a right” is as acceptable as calling sex-trafficking, slavery or genocide of indigenous peoples a right. Wait a minute … people continue to justify these very evils by calling them rights.

Because we love God, and as authentic followers of our lord and king, Jesus Christ, we will intercede when we witness man’s inhumanity to man. In making sound decisions, we must use the intellect our creator gave us, and we must stop making decisions based on our lower faculties, especially emotions. We look at the facts, check our sources and come to a conclusion based on reality and righteousness. So, we pray to end abortion.

Kimberly McCullough


More attention needed for our ailing oceans

Recent letters and articles identify issues surrounding the depressed salmon runs by bringing attention to an ailing ocean.

I’m not an ocean scientist, but I think I have a handle on the danger. All ocean fish, not just salmon, are threatened. Not because of a polluted or unhealthy ocean. The problem is us. We’ve spent billions of dollars on salmon recovery, with little success. The recent salmon summit fixated on dam removal, not the reality of what is happening at sea.

Repairing the ocean will take many years. A dead ocean is a death knell and without adequate waste management is doomed. Also, vast amounts of medical and farm chemicals are entering the ocean which are feeding giant algae blooms, consuming all the available oxygen creating large dead zones. But, addressing depleted fishing stocks is something we can address right now.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says overfishing has tripled in 50 years, with one third of the world’s assessed fisheries currently being pushed beyond their ability to survive. Small wonder, considering giant ocean vessels are taking 150 tons of fish per scoop. The Pew Charitable Trust says, with 4 million commercial fishing vessels worldwide, illegal fishing removes 26 million tons of fish annually.

The World Wildlife Fund says synthetic gill nets are responsible for 13 species of whales being critically endangered. In a few minutes, the Vaquita porpoise will go extinct. Rope or hemp gill nets are viable options. So what if they have to repair their precious nets? ​

The good news is Earth will heal itself. The bad news is Earth don’t need no stinking humans. If there is such a thing as an afterlife, I will be pleased to watch Earth boot humanity and most satisfying, all memory of Jesus Trump.

Jim Roach


There’s a reason for increased social problems

I agree with Nick Gier’s statement (His View, Jan. 30), “I believe that there are no criteria, other than religious belief, that can be used to establish a moral right to life for humans.” The sad part is that from my reading of Nick Gier’s writings, he has no belief in God, the creator of this universe and all that is in it, including humans.

If there is no God (there is), then morality is relative and might determines the morals; whether Hitler in Germany or the U.S. Supreme Court in its ruling on Roe vs Wade. However, anyone willing to honestly study the Bible, which claims to be God’s word to humans, archeology, history, sociology, etc., will come to the conclusion that there is a God who created this amazing universe and the perfect earth for humans to live on.

However, God wants a loving relationship with each individual, and the only way that can occur is if he gives us the freedom to reject him and his love and even to do horrible things to fellow humans, which includes abortion. Because people often seek pleasure and instant gratification above a relationship with God, we reap all sorts of downstream problems such as broken families and unwanted pregnancies.

Consequences that leave a woman feeling like an abortion is the only way to deal with the evil fallout, result from God’s people and society not living according to God’s directives in his word.

We are reaping increasing social problems in this country because, as a society, we have rejected living in relationship with God and according to his word. Christians follow God’s word, not to earn salvation and relationship, but because we know that God is the awesome creator who loves us and wants the best for us.

Larry Kirkland


Crapo and Risch serving as minions to president

Idaho senators Crapo and Risch have cast their lot firmly in the camp of the king-men sculpting the President’s defense, serving as his minions in Congress and running his campaign.

Mr. Trump has insisted upon the rights of secrecy of word and untouchability of deed. He won’t allow documents or witnesses and says that Congress cannot hold him accountable.

Medieval kings are remembered for their motto, “The King can do no wrong.” Mr. Nixon warmed the nation up to this idea by saying, “If the President does it, it is not illegal.” The World War II generation were not ready for kingship, and shamed him out of office.

Mr. Trump says Article 2 of the Constitution allows him to do “whatever I want.” The Baby Boomer generation have now departed from the faith of their ancestors and support the Republican prince in his bid for the throne.

How quickly we forget who we are.

Robert Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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