The Republican party is now a cult

I used to have some faith in our senators, Risch and Crapo. They both have advanced educations (UI and Harvard) and Crapo stated he could no longer endorse Trump in October 2016 because of his treatment of women. His wife put him up to that, but I saw decency and independence and had a welcome proud moment of a Republican politician.

And Risch has even admitted climate change is real, so he can’t be totally asleep. But I assume they were two of the wildly cheering Republicans at the State of the Union show.

Do they really see nothing wrong with Trump sullying the Medal of Freedom by giving it to ranting racist Rush Limbaugh? Doesn’t it bother them that Limbaugh is now on the same list as Jackie Robinson and Mother Teresa? Do they think Lt. Col. Vindman lied? Probably not, they just don’t think this professional soldier’s opinion of right and wrong is worth backing.

Why? Because the Republican Party is now a cult, and senators Crapo and Risch are silent, pliant, self-serving cowards, unfit to serve in public office — in a democracy, that is. They are exactly what George Washington warned about in his farewell address in September 1796.

Diana Armstrong


GOP is not the party I remember or recognize

I am in my late 70’s now and I’m not happy. It’s really not fair for an institution you’ve known all your life to become something you don’t even recognize. It’s hard on us older folks.

Take the Republican party, for example. I could swear that for years and years, it stood for less spending, balancing the budget and reducing the deficit. Not anymore. In three years the Trump administration has increased the national deficit by a whopping 68 percent to nearly a trillion dollars.

Furthermore, 52 of the 53 Republicans in the U.S. Senate seem to love Donald Trump no matter what. Idaho’s own Senator James Risch is especially ardent. Are they bothered by the enormous deficit increase? Apparently not. Apparently they expect us to go along for the ride. Will we?

Dody Dozier


If it takes Bernie, then so be it

I wonder where Dick Polman gets the impression that the majority of Americans like their health insurance with its increasing premiums, co-pays, and out of network problems. Why is it people have to jump through hoops to get pre-approval for simple procedures recommended by not only the primary physician but by two or more specialists? How come our drug prices are ballooning even for the most basic items like insulin? And why is it the leading cause of bankruptcy is medically related?

Mr. Polman overlooks the fact that potentially the largest voting block from 2020 forward for the next several decades will be millennials and, behind them, Gen-Zs who find themselves being burdened with high student debt —thanks to the greediness of their boomer parents and grandparents. These two generations are wondering why they are being denied the American Dream that previous generations have enjoyed but, instead, find themselves becoming new indentured servants.

They also fear climate change. They desire a safer America. They celebrate their diversity. They want a more equitable distribution of wealth. And they want to make sure Social Security will have a sound footing for them when they get there, among other desires.

The younger generations do not see potential danger in socialism, but they have felt the consequences of unbridled capitalism.

This is why Bernie is so attractive to them. It is time for a generational change. We do not need 70 plus billionaires desperately holding on to power, but if it takes a 70-plus year-old socialist to bring it on, then so be it.

Wayne Beebe


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