I miss children. When I first moved here, there were lots of children in the neighborhood. Now, it is all college students and a few older permanent residents. I think I am one of three nonstudents living in my block. I miss children’s voices and laughter. I miss watching them play. I grew up on Alpha Road in Pullman, a few blocks from where I live now when Harvey Road was the north city limits and Stadium Way didn’t exist. The creek I used to play in is now enclosed in a culvert. Old Mrs. Trull’s cow is long gone. All around where I live now was vacant property with a few scattered houses.

With all the student cars, this neighborhood is no longer even safe for small children. I haven’t driven around College Hill for a long time. I wonder if I would even see evidence of children if I did?

In my preschool years, it was fun to call on my mother’s woman friends and talk to them while they baked pies, washed dishes, changed their baby’s diaper or worked at a sewing machine. It was really a good education. I learned a lot. I was probably a pest but now I wish I had some children to visit me and chat. Maybe I was regarded as good company for some of them.

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