I remember in the days of George W. Bush’s presidency when he was blamed for everything bad that ever happened. There wasn’t anything those on the left wouldn’t quickly blame on Bush. I thought those were the bad days of political lunacy. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, the left said “hold my beer.” Well, they said “hold my organic, free-range tofu salad.”

The social justice warriors and “woke” have pushed everyone off a cliff. What I would have thought was once a far-reaching joke is our reality. For the most part, the left hated Bush’s policies but felt he was a good, decent man. The citizens who supported Bush were not necessarily thought of as the spawn of the devil.

In the Trump-era, the left hates President Trump with every ounce of their being. They hate his policies, even though we are better than we were four years ago. If Trump makes a statement, those on the left will pick the opposite just because they hate Trump and don’t want to agree with anything he believes.

The left will take Trump’s words out of context in order to push an agenda. The recent coronavirus outbreak is one where the left was quick to spread lies about Trump. Trump made quick decisions about travel bans. But the left is pushing a political agenda and they are pushing a claim that Trump said the virus is a hoax. For someone who quickly made a travel ban, it seems weird he is calling it a hoax. What happened is the left twisted Trump’s words. Sadly, I cannot say anything the left does surprises me anymore.

Our governor, Jay Inslee, made a political issue out of the response to the virus outbreak. Frankly, what he did is the first moment in his governorship that caused me to be massively disappointed in him. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of most of his policies, but he acted like a 3-year-old child recently with Vice President Pence.

Pence called to thank the governor about the state’s handling of the coronavirus. The governor later sent a tweet, wrote about the phone call and claimed to have told Pence the state could have done more if not for the president’s policies. I seriously didn’t believe he would have done that. I went to Inslee’s Twitter account and saw it for myself. I am ashamed of our governor.

This is the same left who makes unsubstantiated claims about Trump being racist, anti-gay, etc. Trump’s actions show unequivocally these claims are false. Trump’s history of support for all Americans in all sorts of contexts shows us his actual beliefs.

But the left has worked hard to control the narrative. This is an era that is dangerously close to stifling all open dialog and thought. For example, if you support Trump then you risk being labeled a homophobe, racist, etc. If you write anything that approves of Trump on a social media outlet then you will quickly be unfriended by people. These “open-minded” individuals will not stand for those who think differently.

In addition, we are forced into playing make-believe. Kids sometimes play make-believe and the adults will play along. Today, those kids have grown up and haven’t stopped playing make-believe, but adults are forced to continue to play along.

A man can say he is a woman and that makes it true. Men and women place their pronoun preferences in email messages. Seriously, when you see “he/him,” “she/her” in the footer of an email, that’s an example of that person playing along in the make-believe world.

The “woke” and social justice warriors are roaming the country looking for anyone or anything that steps out of line (their line). Their wrath can have real and highly negative effects on one’s life.

Scotty Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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