Except for the life of the woman?


According to reproductiverights.org, 28 states in the United States have either outlawed abortion or are likely to do so soon. This seismic shift in American culture, brought on by the activist Supreme Court’s rejection of 50 years of prior precedent (known as the Dobb’s ruling), allows state legislators to arbitrarily impose abortion restrictions onto all women of reproductive age. In theory, if state leadership shifts from blue to red, existing rights will disappear while a shift from red to blue may renew access to abortion. Talk about an arbitrary view of women’s 14th Amendment rights, not to mention their autonomy and dignity. The Supreme Court’s credibility is gone.

Conservative states are now competing to “out-do” each other with increasingly restrictive abortion laws. As of late August, Idaho, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky have full abortion bans in effect. Ohio and Georgia have six-week bans in effect (which practically speaking, is a complete ban). Nine of these states have no exceptions for rape or incest. Oklahoma bans abortion at the point of fertilization, meaning that even contraception will be illegal in the state soon. Other states are bound to follow Oklahoma’s radical notion of fetal personhood and maternal subjugation.

Conservatives have traditionally painted themselves as the protectors of individual rights, fighting for limited government and limited regulation … but apparently this governance philosophy goes out the door when they have the power to exert control and impose selective religious doctrine on every female capable of ovulating. One would think that this intense concern about the welfare of embryos would be evident by other support for the mothers and youngest in these states. But fear not, hypocrisy reigns in support of misogyny.

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