“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

That is a famous line in the movie The Princess Bride. And it’s a line that can be uttered after many of the things our friends on the left say.

With the decision of the Supreme Court to push gerrymandering back to the states, a friend of mine was upset and went to social media to express his displeasure over the ruling.

He felt the Supreme Court let down America.

One of the comments in that thread claimed the Republicans’ effort to stop President Obama from making a pick for the Supreme Court near the end of his term was “racism.”

I would like to think most rational people would see any effort by those on the right to stop a Supreme Court pick by a far-left president as preservation of the country, not racism.

During the Democratic debate, the topic of gun control was discussed.

Candidate Eric Swalwell suggested people could keep their pistols, rifles and shotguns but the government would force all Americans to sell their “assault” weapons to the government.

He said the most dangerous guns must be removed from the most dangerous people.

Am I to understand that he believes everyone who owns an assault weapon is dangerous?

What are these “assault” weapons he speaks of? They are semi-automatic rifles that look scary to some people.

At the debates, various candidates spoke about the environment both evenings.

Candidate Jay Inslee is running a complete campaign on climate change. In fact, being a simple environmentalist isn’t enough anymore. It is now required that one believes the world will be irrevocably damaged in 12 years if we don’t take drastic action.

“Fossil fuel” is a bad word. Renewable energy is the only way to go. Some will tell you that the immigration problem facing America will be partially solved by solving climate change.

Some actually believe a percentage of those fleeing Central America are “climate refugees” who seek a better climate.

Speaking of immigration, that was another topic at the debate. One cannot say illegal immigrant and be part of the left.

The nice word is undocumented immigrant. Every Democrat trying to reach the White House on the debate stage Thursday night said their health care plan would include coverage for illegal immigrants.

On multiple occasions, the Democrats referred to President Trump as the worst president in history.

That is a very bold statement.

I wonder if they know what the word “worst” even means. By what measure is he the worst? Is it because he is lowering unemployment. That manufacturing jobs are coming back?

I am sure that has something to do with it. It’s hard for Democrats to control people who have the freedom to care for themselves. People who earn their own money have no need for the government to provide for them.

If the government doesn’t provide for them, than the government cannot control them.

Democrats want control over all functions of one’s life.

Unless the government controls the purse strings, they cannot control the person.

Free college! Does anyone who uses the word free actually know what it means? My stepdad always used to tell me that money doesn’t grow on trees.

There isn’t free college. There isn’t a free meal. There isn’t a free anything. For the “free” college someone else is paying for it.

Maybe it is millions of people paying a small share via taxes, but someone paid for it. A free meal? I think not. Someone else had to work, sweat, and toil in order for that meal to be provided.

Too often words are batted around by the Democrats and they really don’t know what they are saying.

A bigger problem is when politicians use words they don’t understand when speaking to citizens who are constantly having the words improperly reinforced into their vocabulary.

Scotty Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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