The masterful puppetry of the deep state

Dale Courtney

Back in 1961, Kurt Vonnegut published a dystopian science fiction short story titled “Harrison Bergeron.” The story is set in 2081, when the United States has enacted constitutional amendments to achieve complete equity among its citizens. In that future, the government handicaps individuals who possess above-average abilities to ensure that everyone is equal in every way.

The story follows Harrison Bergeron, an extraordinary individual with exceptional intelligence, strength and physical beauty. However, he is burdened with extreme handicaps to level the playing field with others. These handicaps include heavy weights, a mask to hide his handsome face, and headphones emitting distracting noises to disrupt intelligent thoughts.

Last week we saw another precursor to this dystopian, progressive hellhole. The Biden Administration is raising mortgage interest rates on buyers with excellent credit scores in order to subsidize those with poor credit scores.