It’s time to stop pretending that the GOP is a conservative party. The truth is, they’ve been steadily abandoning conservative principles for decades and now are guided primarily by grievance, vengeance, and the pursuit of power, leaving actual conservatives without a party.

If one thing defines conservativism, it’s a love of small government and personal freedom. The GOP? They cheer as Ron DeSantis brings Disney World and college boards under government control. They push for government control of libraries, school curricula, personal medical and family-planning decisions, private business investments, and even what people are allowed to wear. From a party that has been fretting about “the nanny state” for decades, the hypocrisy is shameful though not surprising. (A reminder to all the busybodies on the right and left: We’re Americans and we’ll read, say, believe and wear whatever the hell we want.)

Conservatives advocate for local rule and states’ rights, but the GOP increasingly aims to impose their views about guns, abortion, gender, immigration, and health care on the country as a whole. Conservatives honor the free market and eschew government interference, but in a 2016 YouGov poll a majority of Republicans said the free market is bad for America, and GOP politicians are now salivating at the thought of bringing Big Tech companies to heel.

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