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Last time we had a chance to get together, I wrote about hardening soft targets. I gave a solid solution to the murder of children within soft targets. It is way more than just doing something. I suggested something specific and targeted that will produce results.

Some of the feedback included dismissal of hardening targets. The only acceptable solution is to take away guns, according to these same people.

They would have been more believable had they argued to make schools less of a target and asking for gun confiscation. But all they really care about is gun confiscation. So, let’s ignore those people who don’t really care about making the children safe.

The “do something” crowd tends to settle on several leftist talking points. They want universal background checks. They want to increase the age of gun ownership. They want to remove certain semi-automatic rifles (the scary looking ones).

Universal background checks is an incredibly obvious backdoor for gun confiscation. The right to own a gun isn’t limited to only those who have been given permission by the government. In spite of this, background checks now happen with each sale involving a person with a federal firearms license.

The racist shooter at the mall had a background check. The universal background check would not have made a difference.

Universal background checks will make it illegal for a father to give his children his guns without the government’s approval process. Universal background checks will create a registry of guns. That’s a great document to have once the gun confiscations start.

What rights are withheld from someone until their 21st birthday? Increasing the age for the purchase and ownership of firearms limits the rights of American citizens. The left will argue the age to purchase tobacco and alcohol is 21. As usual they are comparing a right to something that isn’t a right.

The left has been arguing that an 18-year-old’s brain is not developed enough to own a gun. Yet the left believes preteens should be able to change their sex with hormones and surgeries. How can the left argue that someone’s brain is developed enough to make life-altering decisions but years later they are not developed enough to own a gun?

Have you seen the scary looking semi-automatic rifles? The left referred to them as “assault rifles.” That is their scary name given to guns they think look scary. These guns work no differently than any other semi-automatic. The left will tell you an assault rifle is a weapon of war and no one needs a weapon of war.

It has been said many times before and will need to be repeated until people stop spreading this falsehood. There is no such a thing as an assault rifle. These guns are semi-automatic rifles. They fire one bullet with the pull of the trigger.

Calling something a weapon of war doesn’t mean what you think it means. The musket was a weapon of war. Many of the guns used since then have been weapons of war. Many guns used in war shoot the same caliber bullet as a citizen out hunting or plinking. Calling a certain gun a weapon of war is a trick. They want people to make the logical leap that no weapon that is used in war should be allowed in the hands of a civilian.

“No one needs a weapon of war” is a talking point. I already wrote about how off-base they are with their weapon of war argument. But let’s talk about needs and rights. Exercising my rights has absolutely nothing to do with needs. It’s not up to someone else to decide what I need. Stop with the communist ideology.

The “do something” crowd has been in front of the news cameras pushing their do nothing ideas. Come talk to me when you actually want to make the children safe.

Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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