It’s hard to keep up with the firehouse of nonsense spewing from Idaho’s legislature. One bill aims to outlaw sanctuary cities despite there being none in Idaho. Another would prohibit the use of student IDs for voting, supposedly to prevent the nonexistent problem of voter fraud by out-of-state students (that left-leaning Idaho students would also be prevented from voting is incidental, I’m sure). One bill aims to prevent libraries from issuing pornography to minors because, as we all know, when teens are looking for smut they put down their smartphones and head to the library to read. Yet another bill would prohibit ranked-choice voting which, again, has never been attempted in Idaho.

One proposed bill would reinstate firing squads — urgent business in a state that has held 29 executions in its entire history and only 3 since 1976. The House seeks to legalize private armed militias, presumably to address a lack of gun violence. They also want to criminalize the administration of COVID-19 vaccines, with no justification offered because, obviously, there is none. There’s an anti-trans bathroom bill in the works, of course. The Senate also seeks to ban schools from teaching about sexuality, sexual orientation or gender identity before fifth grade despite the fact that comprehensive, age-appropriate sexual education has been shown repeatedly to reduce teen pregnancy and STDs, delay the age at which youth first sexually experiment, and provide children with the knowledge and vocabulary necessary to protect themselves from sexual predators.

(How am I not done yet?)