If there was any one word that characterized our dementia-addled commander in chief last week, it would have to be “stupid.” But to be fair, it was stupid with a purpose. The stunt of flying into Poland and then taking a train into Ukraine to show solidarity with the corrupt Ukrainian regime certainly had to please, if nothing else, the dominant members of the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex. Earlier this year, the Department of Defense not only received their full appropriation of some $800 billion, but also saw an increase of $67 billion, which was even greater than the president’s requested amount by $36 billion. That’s a lot of bombs to go around.

Apparently, it’s not enough to just run away with the national treasury. You’ve got to have a propaganda campaign for the plebs to make their empty lives have meaning now that they can’t wear masks to save grandma. Consider it another round in the live action role playing that has been going on regarding U.S. participation in Ukraine since the Russian invasion last year. If you think that circuses aren’t spendy enough, well, there’s a lot of bread headed across the waters, or really into the Department of Defense and corrupt Ukraine apparatchiks’ bank accounts as well.

What’s actually happening in Ukraine? Besides Western policy driving us closer to World War III, it seems the remaining ground in play in the east of that benighted country is being ground up into rubble. Along with its young population — more than 100,000 by Western estimates, either killed or injured — Ukraine, and to a lesser extent, Russia, is busy blowing its human capital literally to smithereens.