Recently a friend and fellow philosopher made a comment that all Republicans are very bad because of the Republicans who had voted to stop the Jan. 6 Commission.

Making the claim that all Republicans are bad is overly broad. I told him that he was painting with a broad brush. He then went somewhere that I thought only the most hardcore leftists went.

He said that anyone who is a Republican is bad. End of statement. He was clear — not most, not some, but ALL Republicans are bad. That confused me because coming from him, both as a philosopher and a person, I have never heard him make such an unsupportable claim.

I asked what he meant because I must have missed something. He then said that anyone who is a Republican, by default, supports a history of discrimination, gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc.

He said that if I choose to be a Republican then I must “OWN IT!,” he said, yelling. I wasn’t mistaken, he was making an argument that is unsupportable – except in the minds of the far left. It isn’t like him to assert all individuals within a group are bad because of the choice someone within the group makes.

When he was done stating that I am a seriously evil person, he continued with many of the ultra-leftist talking points and ended with his desire to end the filibuster.

Wow, not quite the conversation we normally have. Usually, we discuss various points and give our perspective but it seems that is not allowed within the current left wing of the Democrat party. It’s either you’re with us or you’re Satan. But because the left doesn’t believe in God, they substitute Hitler for Satan.

Let me start with a couple statements.

I don’t like gerrymandering. Drawing crazy lines on a map to ensure a specific party stays in power is inappropriate. To try to equate the practice with only Republicans is highly disingenuous.

I support all legally registered citizens of a jurisdiction to have one valid vote per election in said jurisdiction. The left’s talking point about voter suppression is either from a position of ignorance or, worse, deception. I’d love to have someone explain how the laws enacted in various states around our nation will suppress the rights of citizens to vote.

The failure of the Jan 6 Commission is interesting to me. I think the Republican realized it would have turned into a political witch hunt. The Democrats already tipped their hand showing how they would deal with the riots within the halls of Congress. They used it as a bogus reason to impeach President Trump.

That commission, with Democrats calling the shots, wouldn’t have found real answers. However, I believe an impartial panel to look into everything would have found that there has been a huge amount of misinformation spread by the left.

This new exceedingly hateful left is sad to witness.

A pro football player, Carl Nassib, came out as gay this week. While players around the NFL and others supported him, there was an undercurrent of negative comments on social media. As one would suspect it was because he was gay and it was the Republicans, right? Nope.

As I have pointed out in this column, it is the left who has a problem with people who don’t toe the line. In the case of the football player, he is a registered Republican. So it is the left who spread hateful comments about the gay Republican football player.

Although my friend believes it is the Republicans with a history of discrimination, he needs to honestly examine the actions of the Republicans and Democrats. Any honest look will show the Democrats’ left wing is full of hatred.

Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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