The city of Moscow is asking its residents to take on nearly $10 million of debt to build a new police station.
Should the people of Moscow take on debt for a new police station outside the downtown area?

One argument I have heard about why the police department needs to move is the building is old and used to be a dairy. So?

This isn’t the Pullman School District, where a new school needs to be built to replace an old school every other year. Old doesn’t mean the building is unusable.
The bond election information brochure states the city is going to use $1.5 million of the bond to repair and renovate the current police station and then repurpose it.
So, clearly the building isn’t at the end of its life.
The brochure also states the windows, doors, and public area are unsafe because a lack of bullet-proofing — another problem remodeling the building can fix.
If those were the reasons the city had for building a new police station and taking on $10 million in debt, then I would advise the residents to think hard about this bond.
The reality is the city does need a new police station for a host of incredibly valid reasons and that is why residents must vote “yes” on this bond.
Moscow is a growing city and it’s time to think about the future. Just as I believed Pullman needed a new city hall, the city of Moscow needs a new police station.
The current police station is located downtown.
There are so many reasons why people love to have a downtown police station but, frankly, the current location is terrible. It sits on a short dead-end road. It has a one-way street as its main course of traffic.
Oh, yeah, there is also an alley.
This is not good for emergency responses from the station.
With increased population and increased traffic, response times can be slowed.
Some people may not be a fan of the proposed location because it’s outside of the downtown area.
That argument can be negated by several factors.
Police officers actively patrol the town; they do not make every response from the police station.
For residents who want some sort of police presence downtown, one option could be to have a storefront office in the renovated police station that would be repurposed.
Many other police departments have storefront offices.
This would give a police presence downtown and still provide for a proper police station where there is plenty of space.
Space is probably the biggest issue.
As the town has grown so has the police department, both in commissioned officers and civilian staff.
The space to store evidence is subpar. The space to allow officers to work is subpar.
The space for the public is subpar.
The space for police investigations, parking for the police vehicles and the public — subpar.
The police department has worked hard to make their space work but it is absolutely time to do something about it.
I am not anti-tax. I have voted to raise my taxes more than once.     
This is a situation where there are many important reasons Moscow residents must vote to raise their taxes.
A person who owns a $250,000 house will pay approximately $10.50 per month for 10 years.
This is a short-term bond and it will be off the books in the blink of an eye.
The Trump economy is good but that isn’t the reason the city is asking for the taxpayer’s hard-earned money.
The new police station isn’t a want. It is a need.
Moscow residents need to come out and vote in support of their police department.
Scotty Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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