While the idea of school shootings seems more prevalent today, the idea of attacking a soft target is not. Schools are chosen as targets, and it’s not because of the lack of gun control.

Someone wants to kill. The person chooses to kill on a large scale and make their cause or issue known nationwide. Studies have shown the nationwide media coverage appears to encourage these bad people. It also helps to reinforce the idea to others that mass murder gets notoriety.

Usually such madmen choose soft targets. Places such as grocery stores, music festivals and schools. We typically don’t hear about madmen shooting up hard targets such as airports, federal buildings and courthouses. These places have security measures on site. If someone were to attack a hardened target, it is more likely to end quickly and usually in failure.

We have a huge number of soft targets but schools, especially elementary schools, are targeted by evil and cowardly men. Only garbage-heaps of men would use children in their sick plans.

While I wouldn’t normally write about such topics when we should be allowing mourning to take place, the left turned it into a political event the day it happened. They have suggested that Republicans are equally at fault for the deaths. There is one person responsible for the deaths, but the Democrats do not want to miss out on an emotional event to push their political agenda.

The left-wing media isn’t any better.

The Daily Mail, a supposed media outlet, was drumming up support for the killer by showing a photo of him looking sad and stating he was bullied when he was in school. So? That makes killing a bunch of children okay? He was a purely evil and cowardly man.

Editor's note: the previous paragraph was altered from the original to correctly identify the name of the media outlet.

The Democrats are demanding that we “do something.” Democrats act out of emotion. Emotional responses do not produce thoughtful and logical results. According to the left, if the Republicans don’t follow along with the “do something” demand then they are evil and responsible for the deaths.

Take a look at the laws broken by the shooter. The Democrats think that adding a law or three will stop an evil person from attacking a soft target.

Some Democrats are demanding universal background checks. First, tell me how the universal background check would have stopped this shooting. It wouldn’t have made any difference, yet this is the Democrats’ best idea. Then they get mad when someone points out that it’s a worthless idea.

So, we should do something by instituting a law that wouldn’t have stopped the shooting. The smarter Democrats know universal backgrounds wouldn’t have stopped the shooting. But what universal background checks will do is give the federal government a database of all guns to make confiscation much easier. This is what the Democrats want. They would like nationwide confiscation, and the national background checks is their way to get the process started.

Democrats want nationwide confiscation, and they are too cowardly to say it.

The Democrats have quickly pounced to make this a political issue, before any facts are known. They are demanding action but they have provided no meaningful actions that would stop a murderer from breaking the laws already enacted.

Schools, unfortunately, will continue to be an easy target. We cannot undo what was already done. Now that the schools have become a target of sick and evil men, we have to do things to stop the school from being a target. Universal background checks will not stop school from being a soft target.

Some experts have provided examples of ways to harden targets. Security measures would include one-way exits, one entrance location with interlocks, video systems, alarms on exit doors and on-site security officers.

I hate that we have to harden schools but because of issues much, much larger than gun control, we are here.

Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoysserving the community through variouscommunity-oriented service jobs.

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