Pullman’s real McCoy deserves your attention

Pullman’s Hotel McCoy

One of my first commentaries in this paper a few years back was on the architectural state of affairs of lodging in and near downtown Pullman. I lamented the way motels were characterized by cheap structures, large swaths of asphalt and signs reminiscent of truck stop intersections, less a town angling for charm.

Not much has changed, sadly, except for one sign of hope. Drive around the bend on Paradise Street and toward Main Street and you can’t miss it. The building used to be the State Inn, but today it is the Hotel McCoy; same place and same scope but this time much improved. What a fresh coat of paint can do but also a conception of change charged by a commitment to art.

Indeed, art is everywhere at the McCoy. In fact, you can’t miss it, starting with the murals that grace the exterior of the structure. Walk around and you can see them on all sides, inviting locals and guests alike to see the hotel in the round. Just because there is a main entrance should not mean that the remaining architecture must play second fiddle.

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