For the past few months, each time President Trump held a rally tens-of-thousands of people showed up. Following the rallies, members of Antifa and other such groups gathered to harass, pester, and intimidate people who had attended the rallies. No one seemed to care that those who were exercising political speech were being terrorized.

Since this summer there has been rioting, looting, arsons, assaults and murder that have taken place during protests around America. A police department precinct in Seattle was taken over by protesters as they established an autonomous zone in Seattle. This was celebrated by the left. The mayor of Seattle referred to the overall event as the summer of love.

In Kenosha, Wisc., there was a protest that left damage, burned out buildings and destruction of businesses. It was called a “mostly peaceful” protest by CBS News. The Wisconsin State Journal mentions “Kenosha has seen days of destructive and violent protests.” That seems to clash with what CBS claimed.

Throughout the summer and fall, Portland was home to night after night of mayhem. Its mayor, Ted Wheeler, defended the rioters. At one point he was on TV while attending a “protest” where he talked about how peaceful it was. The camera panned away from Wheeler to show a large fire that was burning and commercial fireworks being shot into a crowd.

Recently, Wheeler admitted that playing nice with Antifa hasn’t worked. This statement only came after Biden was elected. It is almost like Wheeler doesn’t want destructive riots taking place in his city when a Democrat is in office.

One thing that has been constant during all of these riots — peaceful protests if you’re a Democrat — is the Republicans have been very vocal that they need to stop. The rally cry was “Law and Order.”

Then the counting of the Electoral College on Wednesday. That is when we saw a number of protesters – rioters – break into the capital and run amok. However, now the Democrats are very vocal. In the past, it was all good. Similar actions took place around the country and the Democrats supported it, raised money to pay the bail for people arrested. They excused the lawless actions.

Today, the Democrats are angry. They want Trump impeached. They want everyone arrested. They are calling the act treasonous. The funny thing is the Republicans, who have been saying that all along, are also stating today’s actions were unacceptable and wrong.

The Republicans have been very consistent in their point of view. As one Twitter user stated: “Riots or Protests? Depends on what side of the aisle you are on.” If you’re on the right side of the isle they have all been riots, including today. If you’re on the left side of the isle nothing was a riot, until today.

Remember, at every Trump rally Antifa shows up. Yet, today they seemed to be absent. Pictures, however, suggest the same dudes wearing the Antifa-style black helmets and all black clothing were present and mixed in the crowd. But rather than terrorizing the Trump supporters they seemed to incite some of the violence we saw.

This does not in any way, shape, or form excuse those Trump supporters who followed the lead of Antifa and made their way into the Capitol. That sickened me. I was very disappointed and upset. I felt that they were taking a positive movement in this country and tearing it down.

What those Trump supporters did was inexcusable. What Antifa did was inexcusable. But pay attention to the details of what happened Wednesday. The same individuals who have been emboldened all year by the Democrats’ support and praise are closely tied to the lawlessness at the Capitol.

Another Twitter user stated: “I’m beyond sorely disappointed. … The actions that y’all put out today do not reflect me nor do they reflect any conservative values.”

These words speak for me and millions of real conservatives nationwide.

Scotty Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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