Allow your imagination to go free while reading the following description.

You wake up each morning and go to your small, private deck just off your second-floor master bedroom suite. Your eastern facing bedroom affords the sight and sound of waves crashing on a white sand beach that is just beyond your house. The bright yellow-orange light of the rising sun is filling the sky above the waterline in the distance.

You take a deep breath of the fresh air. After holding it in for a second you let it out. You close your eyes and sink deeper into the chair on your deck as you enjoy another sunrise in your beautiful house.

The scenery, landscape, and house are portions of a recipe that creates a wonderful memory. Keep your imagination going for this next part.

You’re on a nice beach on the eastern shore of a very large body of water. Frequently, you sit on the beach to relax and pass the time. Way off in the distance you can make out the western shore of this body of water. You see a beautiful house on the beach. Its white sand beach shines bright in the afternoon sun.

You imagine swimming across the water to get to that beach with the beautiful house. You’ve heard great stories about the house on the beach and you want to experience it. Summer after summer the idea of experiencing the house on the beach is a beacon that attracts your attention.

Today is the day you have decided that you will swim across the large body of water to the house on the white sand beach. You have practiced swimming and psyched yourself up for this swim for several summers in a row. You believe you can make it. This swim represents the culmination of years of preparation and desire.

You know that there could be problems on the swim, but you’re willing to face the challenge and push through. Your positive mental attitude cannot be beat as you walk into the water. You keep walking and it gets deeper and deeper. Finally, you can no longer touch the bottom and you start swimming.

The shore behind you is slowly getting smaller and the white sand beach in front of you is getting into better focus. The beautiful house on the beach is immaculate. You know you made the right choice. You have the perseverance to stay the course. The goal is becoming a reality in your mind and you imagine yourself watching a sunrise from the house.

You close your eyes, take another deep breath, and kick your legs as hard as you can. You have made it a great distance. You push on for what seems like yet another hour, when you look up you are well over half way there.

You have sure made it a long way, your mind tells you. It feels good, but there is no celebration yet because you’re not there.

Your legs are tired. Your arms are tired. Your body is aching. You are drained and feel exhausted. Your positive mental attitude is slipping. Your goal of watching a sunrise from the house on the white sand beach wanes.

At this point you decide that due to being tired and not having reached the goal, you’re going to turn around and go back to where you started.

While this makes no sense to the average person, some members of the Pullman City Council applaud your decision.

There has been a long-time goal of building a garden house at Lawson Gardens. Money has been raised and the residents voted for a bond to raise even more money for this garden house.

The funding is well over half-way there. The city, however, is leaning towards taking that money and spending it elsewhere. Rather than turning back, like our swimmer did, the city needs to stay the course.

Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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