On election night, I sat at my computer watching the results pour in from across the country. Being a numbers guy, I created a spreadsheet where I could keep track of the number of votes for former Vice President Joe Biden and the number of votes for President Donald Trump.

I utilized the estimated number of votes counted with other available numbers to calculate various statistics. For the candidate who was trailing in the vote count, I wanted to know what percentage of the remaining votes was needed in order for that person to take the lead. That is what I called the “over-take percentage.”

In addition to watching Twitter for tweets from various conservative voices around the country, I also streamed Newsmax as well as watched the Washington Post’s website for results. In between those sources I would randomly pull up other national news websites to see what they are reporting.

Obviously the media does not pick the election winner. They employ some really smart people who analyze polls, vote counts, historical voting data and other factors to determine the likely outcome of the election results for any given state. While there is absolutely nothing official about what the media does it tends to be accurate in the long run.

Many election results are known election night. In my lifetime it is rare that I went to bed on election night not knowing who the next president would be.

So, as I sat watching the results on the Washington Post website and watching states get called for either Trump or Biden I had noticed a couple things. Both Florida and Texas did not get put in Trump’s column for a long time after it was clear they had gone red.

On the other hand at 8 p.m. the polls closed on the West Coast. At 8:01, before the vote count in Washington, Oregon, and California was reported, the Washington Post turned those states blue. One minute after the polls closed and with zero reporting, they were blue.

At the same time that was taking place, Texas was so heavy towards Trump, it would take a miracle for Biden to pull ahead. At one point, Texas was estimated to have 94 percent of the ballots counted. Biden over-take percentage was approximately 100.2 percent. In most circumstances that would be impossible but it is 2020, so who knows.

Biden’s over-take percentage in Florida was 93 percent. In Ohio it was 88 percent, and Iowa Biden’s over-take percentage was 96 percent. But the Washington Post was waiting and waiting. This is the same source that turned three states blue without any reporting.

As I said earlier the press does not elect nor declare America’s president. However, this is the kind of behavior that shows favoritism towards a candidate rather than just reporting facts and allowing the cards to fall where they may.

While that was annoying, in the grand scheme of the election it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the results after the votes are counted. But, oddly — very, very oddly — several key battleground states decided to call a lid. That was something they learned from Biden. Rather than completing a count they went to bed.

Amazingly, the next morning these key battleground states had a massive turnaround. When Pennsylvania called a lid, Biden’s over-take percentage was 74.7 percent. Wisconsin and Michigan over-take percentages were 61 percent and 63 percent, respectively.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. The odds were steep. In fact, it appeared that some were too steep to be reasonably expected to allow for a comeback. But here we are. The press has declared Biden to be the President-elect. Trump’s team is taking things to court and just like in 2000 we will not know, for certain, until the lawsuits have been adjudicated.

Scotty Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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