Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon infelicitously said a few years ago that the goal of the MAGA movement was “to flood the zone with s–t.” In other words, to disinform citizens — disorient them — to the point where they no longer can distinguish fact from fiction.

That’s happening again right now, with the long-awaited release of the Durham Report. Actually, I doubt that you, as a sane discerning citizen, have been long-awaiting it. But the propagandists in the MAGA echo chamber certainly have.

You may dimly remember what this probe was supposed to be about. John Durham, a right-wing prosecutor, was tasked by the Trump regime with proving that the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe was a hoax conspiracy concocted by Hillary Clinton and the “deep state,” or something like that. Durham became a special counsel and was given free rein by Merrick Garland to chase down and confirm Trump’s fantasy that he’d been framed during the 2016 campaign.