In 1998, voters in Washington said enough with state-run discrimination programs. We believe that all people should be judged based on their abilities, not by the color of their skin. Unfortunately, a group of individuals and organizations are trying to make discrimination legal in Washington.

Initiative 1000 was passed by the state legislature to reinstitute discrimination. In light of this, Referendum 88 is on the ballot to allow the voters a chance to tell the state we are not interested in discrimination. Those who vote to approve R-88 are voting to approve discrimination in Washington.

Various organizations around the state and individuals are trying to use the term “fairness” and placing veterans at the forefront in order to make discrimination sound OK. Many of the people and organizations are left-leaning. Just as it has been throughout America’s history, it’s up to the Republicans to stop discrimination.

If you read the WA Fairness website, they explicitly state the approval of R-88 will allow the state to award economic opportunities to people and businesses based on those who have a certain sex or race.

I would like my fans and followers to understand those for discrimination try to make compelling arguments. How do you make discrimination based on someone’s race, sex, age, or sexual orientation palatable? Simple. It’s called spin.

The groups who are in favor of discrimination are putting veterans in the spotlight and trying to sell the measure as a way to help veterans. Using veterans as a way to institute discrimination is repugnant.

Initiative 1000, passed by the state legislature, authorized public agencies to actively recruit people because of their racial characteristics. It authorizes public agencies to use racial characteristics when choosing who to hire. It is 2019 and our state’s leaders want to move us back decades where decisions based on race, sex, and national origin were OK.

In an article that appeared in the Tacoma News Tribune, Kan Qiu, is against racial preferences and predicted that approval of R-88 would lead to fewer Asian-Americans and other racial groups being admitted to the University of Washington.

“Certain student populations will be artificially decreased based on a government study,” Qui said. “This is not going to be individually equal anymore. People are going to be judged by their skin color again.”

Qiu hits the nail on the head when he said individual equality will suffer. No longer will an individual’s accomplishments, goals, and hard work matter as much as if they are of the correct sex, race, or sexual orientation. The goal of leveling the playing field will necessarily make those who don’t look a certain way to lose. Not because of anything they did but because of physical characteristics of their outward appearance. Stopping certain people from being enrolled in college or getting a career because of what they look like is pure discrimination.

According to the article, those in favor of R-88 claim to be fighting for minorities, yet according to 2018 enrollment figures at the UW the group with the biggest disparity between their population statewide and their acceptance at Washington are those who are white; 41.3 percent of those admitted to Washington were white, yet the statewide population of whites is 68.5 percent.

If the goal is to have college admission to represent the racial makeup of the state of Washington then Washington must enroll more whites, Hispanics, American Indians, and Pacific Islanders while decreasing the enrollment of Asians and blacks.

When you hear terms like “fairness” and “level the playing field,” you should immediately turn and run.

Those are code words for discrimination. I certainly hope you’re not so shallow that you’d discriminate based on someone’s race, ethnicity, or sex.

R-88 allows the voters to overturn Initiative 1000 and put a stop to discrimination. If you are against discrimination don’t fall for the spin from backers of initiative 1000.

Scotty Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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