‘Unstinting, selfless service’

I would like to thank departing Moscow Mayor Bill Lambert, departing Moscow City Councilor Brandy Sullivan, and departing Moscow City Supervisor Gary Riedner for their service to our community. I have had the pleasure of interacting with the mayor, council and staff on several occasions in the last few years. Mayor Lambert always made a supreme effort to learn how the public felt about an issue and always strove to make all present feel welcome at council meetings. He also deftly guided the council to make decisions that all of them could accept. Councilor Sullivan constantly endeavored to fully understand every issue, often asking very good, pertinent questions that needed to be asked concerning an issue, before making a decision.

The mayor and councilors must make critical decisions that affect all of our lives on an extremely diverse range of issues. They cannot possibly have expertise and experience with all of these issues, and this is where the city staff comes in. Moscow is lucky to have excellent staff, such as departing City Supervisor Gary Riedner, to provide expertise with these decisions. The combination of staff expertise and good judgment from the mayor and councilors results in good decisions being made.

There is no doubt in my mind that the reason Lambert, Sullivan, and Riedner served in our city government was to make Moscow a better place for all of us. They were truly public servants in the best sense of the phrase, and I thank them for that. Their unstinting, selfless service exemplified what is truly unique and wonderful about our small town of Moscow, Idaho, and I am confident that the new occupants of their positions will serve in the same spirit as they did.

Al Poplawsky


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