Godspeed to good doctor

Amid all the drama and chaos of these times, many people are quietly doing their jobs and making the world better. One of these is Dr. Francis Spain, who has just retired after more than 40 years of being a highly respected physician here on the Palouse.

I personally know several people whose lives he saved. He is a doctor who looks at the whole person rather than just relying on test results. He is open minded, and took extra courses in physical manipulations to provide hands-on relief. He was a founder of Moscow Family Medicine, a place that thousands of us trust for our family members of all ages.

I wonder how many Daily News readers were brought into the world by Dr. Spain? Congratulations and Godspeed, Francis — enjoy your next adventures.

Monique C. Lillard


The city has it wrong

The city of Moscow dismissed charges against those arrested and cited Sept. 23. The city says it was a technicality and confusion. That is a lie.

Initiated by one email to Mayor Lambert, the city attorney, city supervisor, Police Chief Fry, Captains Krasselt and Barrett met to decide what action to take against psalm singers if they didn’t physically distance or wear masks. No legal technicality or oversight was involved, just wildly incorrect actions by our high-ranking city officials.

Mayor Lambert and council are reviewing changes to Moscow emergency powers. Idaho emergency power laws do not allow city restrictions on rights granted in the Idaho Constitution. No matter how repugnant or irresponsible you feel that is, constitutional rights are inviolate and may not be choked by the city.

What circus will the city start next? Arrest Christians during worship services? Levy fines for constitutional actions? Fine students during rush? Illegally force businesses to act as cops if they see someone violating future orders?

No! It is time for Mayor Lambert and our city council to meet face-to-face with the residents of Moscow instead of hiding behind computer screens and limiting access because the city incorrectly interprets Idaho Stage 2 Order which does not require physical distancing for political or religious reasons at all times, but only whenever possible.

Open YouTube comments. Mayor Lambert, what are you afraid of?

If one email gets people incorrectly arrested, why don’t the mayor and city council want to meet with Moscow residents? It’s OK to prevent businesses from making money while not cutting taxes, but it isn’t OK to meet with the folks who are suffering from the mayor’s actions.

Hold the council meetings in the City Hall parking lot. After all, the circles are already painted there.

Dave Glasebrook


The Prichard, and beyond

A number of letters have been submitted to the Daily News in regard to “changing the mission” at the Prichard art Gallery. Unfortunately when the state legislature cuts the budget of the University of Idaho, it forces the UI to make some very painful decisions.

If we value noncore academic programs that enrich the university and our community, I urge you to appeal to state legislators to restore and support higher education funding.

Karl Johnston


Now is the the time

It is time to stop beating around the bush. It is time to stop calling lies expressed as opinions freedom of speech. It is time to quit calling lies “alternative facts,” “alternative narratives,” or “conspiracy theories.” It is time to quit buying into the lie that the citizens of the United States are “united” or “equal.” It is time to quit calling 375,000 lost Americans a hoax.

It is time to quit calling huge gatherings not wearing masks and endangering the lives of others practicing Christianity. It is time to quit calling yourself “pro-life” when you don’t stand up for the well-being of all fellow humans after they are born.

It is time to quit embellishing the lie that the 2020 election was fraud and invalid. The attack on our government Jan. 6 was domestic terrorism instigated by a president who, with no compassion, no empathy and no conscience, has sold his version of altered reality (lies) to millions. He has been aided and abetted by politicians and demagogues, as well as apathetic citizens who have not held him or any of our elected representatives accountable to any constitutional, legal, moral or ethical standard.

It is most certainly time to stand up and perform our responsibilities as citizens of the United States of America. The Jan. 6 attack better be a wake-up call. It is time to get involved, demand the truth, call out the lies and hold all elected representatives accountable to the same.

Sharon Curtis


A dangerous time

Still being a free people, we would do well to look higher than party politics. The democratic aspect of our republic has been placed squarely on the chopping block. The authority of the people’s voice will be cut off, supplanted by authoritarianism if we allow fascism to conquer us from within, after so gallant an effort to stop it in World War II.

About the coup attempt: your columnist, Scotty Anderson, saw “ ... dudes wearing the antifa-style black helmets and all-black clothing … were mixed in the crowd … they seemed to incite some of the violence we saw.” I have to ask if antifa is funded by the corporate world, because antifa did the same thing to the marchers protesting the murder of George Floyd. The corporate media chose to report on the violent element, erasing the protesters’ call for justice and unity. Remember the corporate intent: divide and rule. Does your columnist see this pattern?

Then your columnist says something telling, “I felt they (the white rioters) were taking a positive movement in this country and tearing it down.” This is a true and beautiful reflection on the hijacked marches for justice this summer. But it grates harshly on the iron reality that fascism in America is now seen as “a positive movement,” by 70 million voters.

Doubters can look up “the fourteen characteristics of Fascism.” There, you will see Trump and Trumpism being described to a T.

America, we have entered a dangerous time.

Wiley Hollingsworth


Evil will not fly

In response to Myron Schreck’s letter, “The rule of law,” from Jan. 9, you are a piece of work, aren’t you. It doesn’t surprise me any more about the evil, lying, terroristic demrats socialist party. You want to impeach Trump? Goes both ways sir. Get rid of all the demrats who allowed the burning, looting and mayhem of the demrat cities this summer. They should all have their greedy butts in prison.

Trump rallies have always been peaceful. It was a few busloads of antifa who did what happened at the Capitol building. Fake news doesn’t report that, do they? News for ya, buddy! Trump did more for this country than that idiot who couldn’t find his hand if it was right in front of his face. I am sick and tired of you evil demrats blaming everyone for their problem instead of opening your bug eyes to the truth.

Biden is a disgrace to this country.

He won’t be president anyway. It will be Harris and she is the most socialistic person on the face of this earth. They want open borders. Not on my watch. … That kinda evil crap is not going to fly in the good ol’ USA.

Sandra Weeks


It makes you complicit

It’s way past the time to refer to what we saw happen at our nation’s Capitol Jan. 6 as anything other than what it was: a treasonous attempt to overthrow the duly and legitimately elected government of the United States of America by a violent, lawless, murderous and fascist mob cult that was incited, aided and abetted by the president, his son, his lawyer and members of Congress.

The Republican Party has rapidly devolved into the Authoritarian Party, unrecognizable from the one we knew a generation ago. If you continue to wear a Trump shirt or MAGA hat, you reveal yourself to the world not only as someone who supported that evil attempted coup, but also as someone who does not believe in the rule of law or the principles and ideals upon which this country was founded and built.

It also makes you complicit in any additional death and violence that may follow in a similar event. You leave little doubt as to where your loyalties lie, and to what likely would have been your level of participation had you been there in D.C. on that day.

Bob Woods


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