They were better Americans

In 2012, the U.S. Congress authorized the Slave Labor Commemorative Plaque for the Capitol Building to honor the many slaves who were hired out by their owners to construct the building, beginning in 1793. Obviously, many of the slaves were skilled craftsmen, who if they had their freedom, would have been well-paid workers. The mob of racist and insurrectionist brutes who recently attacked and damaged the Capitol at the direction of our former racist-in-chief president should not only pay for the damages, but also perhaps pay restitution to the descendants of the enslaved men who built our most sacred of public buildings and who were better Americans than Trump’s demonic hordes. For Trump, impeachment alone isn’t enough of a sanction for instigating the desecration of our Capitol and for endangering our democracy.

Richard Shafer


‘Be excellent to each other’

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to participate in a “mass vaccination event” at Pullman Regional Hospital. Hundreds of folks in category 1B were vaccinated in an efficient, safe and joyous community gathering. Thank you, Pullman Regional Hospital, and the dozens of volunteer organizers and health care providers who participated. Our community is on its way to a safer and more prosperous future. In conclusion, let me share a quote from one of my favorite Instagram sources, “Wear a mask. Wash your hands. And be excellent to each other.”

Ruth Funabiki


Urge reps to vote no

Vote no on any resolutions or bills that terminate the current state of emergency. To do so would give up tens of millions of federal funds that are helping with testing, vaccines and COVID relief payments. Local cities and counties cannot absorb this cost.

Vote no on any resolutions or bills that limit the governor’s ability to declare a state of emergency. He needs to be able to act swiftly, follow the advice of experts, and coordinate a state-wide plan that is in the interest of all of the citizens, not just the loudest ones. Ignoring the current recommendations is going to sink the local economy even more, not save it.

Gov. Little has done an outstanding job of navigating the minefield that is COVID-19. It’s OK to be mad about the situation, but be mad at the virus, not at the governor. Idaho is doing better than almost every other state in dealing with this situation. We are protecting our population as best we can, we have not over-run our health-care system, and the economic health of the state government is strong.

Constance Brumm


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