Timely inspiration

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News article on Karen Eggers and her friend, Joyce Wood, on Dec. 30 was timely inspiration. My wife and I (Gideons) had the pleasure of joining Bovill Presbyterian, where Karen is a member, for a worship service six months ago. Pastor Heidi Ritter and the congregation were people of gospel measure hospitality. Their worship of God and their collective prayer concerns for the people of Bovill — one for a young man returning home after prison, another for alcohol and drug use in the community — were candid and revealed their love of their neighbors and their trust in God. The church also participated in the Meals on Wheels on a scale that inspired.

In conversation, we spoke to a man in his 50s who told us of Karen Eggers’ ministry as a school teacher and teacher of the young in church ministry. He had worked in the logging industry, and he said that Karen’s concern for the younger generations caused you to give heed to her loving instruction. Hers was authority you trusted as being to your benefit.

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