Please look for yourself

In his Jan. 2 letter to the editor, Joe Long stated that “lockdowns and mask-wearing have proven worthless as the coronavirus has continued to spread unabated regardless of the strictest mandates ordered by tyrannical blue state governors and city mayors.” Well, Joe, you’re right that the coronavirus has continued to spread, but I think it would be good to look at a few easily accessible numbers before making such negative generalizations.

The Center for Disease Control has an interactive U.S. map on its “COVID Tracker” web page. Anyone can hover their computer mouse over any state and see that Idaho, with no mask mandate, has 7,957 cases per 100,000 people. Washington, on the other hand, with a mask mandate, has 3,240 cases per 100,000, or less than half as many as Idaho. Even California has fewer infected people proportionately speaking, than Idaho.

Please take a look for yourself. And when you do, consider the fact that Washington state had the first documented case of COVID-19 Jan. 22. Idaho’s first case didn’t occur until nearly two months later when someone in Boise brought it back from New York March 13, so we in Washington started fighting the disease sooner. It seems probable that our next state over neighbor would have even more cases by now if Gov. Inslee hadn’t made some difficult decisions early on in order to slow a brand new and highly contagious disease.

Virginia Colvig


Critical thought

Lockdowns and mask-wearing have proven worthless, as the coronavirus has continued to spread unabated regardless of the strictest mandates. Well, boy howdy. And doctors and modern medicine are worthless because there’s not a single person who’s ever been treated by these entities that didn’t die anyway. Wouldn’t want (letter writer) Joe Long to think there aren’t those of us out here who are capable of the same level of critical thought as he.

Curt Parsons


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