No waiting period

If President Biden is to agree to a nuclear deal with Iran or North Korea, it must provide for inspection of suspected sites without a waiting period. If there is a waiting period, they can move the materials for making a nuclear weapon — such as enriched uranium — to a second site during the waiting period for the first site; then when the second site comes under suspicion, it will have a waiting period during which the material can be moved to a third site; and so on.

Alex Sokolow


Mature adults can adjust

In response to Ruth Butler’s Jan. 5 letter to the editor: Biden and Harris have proven the legitimacy of the election every day since Nov. 3. It was proven when the votes were counted and certified. It was proven by exit polling. It was proven by recounts and dozens of court cases in which Trump’s legal team could produce absolutely no evidence to support their allegations of fraud. It’s been tested in every way imaginable and held up. You may as well admit that you simply will not accept any proof that doesn’t give you the result you want — that you will not let reality intrude on your self-serving fantasies.

Any cloud over Biden’s win is only there because of specious allegations from conservatives unwilling to be swayed by facts. While somewhat less than half of the country may think the election was fraudulent, there’s nothing to support that belief except their wanting it to be true. And the somewhat more than half of the country on the other side is not unsure; we won, we know we won, and we’re just waiting and desperately hoping that the rest of you will come back to reality.

I won’t elaborate on how ludicrous it is to bring up integrity in defense of a man who lies constantly, disrespects the military, uses his office to line his pockets, betrays his allies when convenient and comports himself like a schoolyard bully. And as for “one nation under God,” well, most of us just aren’t satisfied to fill that lofty role with a petty, narcissistic, orange grifter.When one’s beliefs are contradicted by facts, a mature adult will adjust their beliefs accordingly rather than rail against reality as unfair. All of you still contesting the election results need to grow up.

Ryan Urie


Does not speak for me

Regarding Ruth Butler’s letter to the editor of Jan. 5, Joe and Kamala do not have to actively prove the legitimacy of the election because that has already been done for them through roughly 60 court cases, multiple recounts in contested states, several national and election security experts and even the loathsome Bill Barr acknowledging there was no widespread election fraud.

So no, Ruth, my conscience is not dulled with doubt. Quite the contrary in fact, as I am counting the days and hours until noon Jan. 20 when we can finally start the process of recovering from the damage and abuse inflicted on this great country and it’s citizens for the last four years by Trump and his minions in the Republican party.

Tammie Poe


The people have spoken

Letter writer Ruth Butler questions the legitimacy of the Biden-Harris victory with 306 electoral votes, the same number of undisputed electoral votes that Trump’s “landslide victory” won in 2016.

Yet Biden-Harris won, confirmed by the end of November. Still, Trump supporters drink Trump’s Kool-Aid: If he says it enough times, he won, he supposedly legitimizes his trumpet call. But Trump didn’t win. Unable to understand how states tally election results, he “falsely” announced his victory at his White House East Room party. Doing so doesn’t make him the winner any more than proclaiming I’m a millionaire makes me one.

Any responsible citizen would have realized that absentee ballots in many states (which the Biden-Harris campaign encouraged because of COVID contagion and because of Republican voter suppression) still needed to be counted. Any responsible citizen would have realized that military and overseas ballots still needed to be counted. Any responsible citizen would have realized the closeness of the race in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Any responsible candidate would have anxiously waited for results — and accepted certified state results. Yes, Trump had the right to contest, and he did; again, results were recounted in Wisconsin and Georgia — and Biden-Harris won.

Trump flaps his wings, crows like a rooster in the night, a nuisance, sowing seeds of discord, blatant, fraudulent election lies. Biden and Harris don’t need to prove anything. With concerns of political interference, this 2020 race has been the most scrutinized election in our history. With at least 60 nullified election lawsuits and two Supreme Court rebuffs — and Tweets that have attempted to disenfranchise, Trump lost. Garnering “… nearly 81.3 million votes, 51.3 percent of all votes cast — a record, and more than 7 million more votes than Trump,” Biden won (Drew DeSilver, Pew Research Center, 12/11/2020). The people have spoken.

Susan Hodgin


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