The rule of law

It is time for the House to impeach Donald Trump and for the Senate to convict him for criminal conduct. Trump intimidated and threatened the Secretary of State of Georgia — to get him to “recalculate” election results — in spite of being told that his allegations of election irregularities were disproved and baseless. Trump’s conduct was criminal. Then Trump incited the attack at the Capitol, encouraging his supporters to show strength. They criminally entered and vandalized the Capitol building. Dozens of police officers were injured. A police officer and a protester were killed, which could be the basis of felony murder charges against the rioters and those who incited the riot. Trump’s criminal liability must be addressed in the courts. I believe that Trump knew the election was fair, and he knew it was not stolen from him. If he claims otherwise, let a jury decide if he is lying.

Congress should immediately impeach and convict Trump — if only to disqualify him from holding any federal office in the future. The outrageous conduct of a president fomenting insurrection — to retain power after he has lost an election — must be addressed by Congress. Failing to punish such conduct will only embolden Trump and his supporters. Trump has vowed to continue his “fight.” I anticipate that his “fight” will include violence. Don’t you? Will you excuse the violence, the injuries and death to police officers, and the death of the protestor? Do you believe in the rule of law?

Myron Schreck


The need to step up

I think that residents here in the Palouse deserve to know where our elected political leaders stand on the validity of the election and the encouragement of the violence in the U.S. Capitol. Both Representatives Fulcher and McMorris-Rodgers, as well as state senators and representatives, need to step up.

Ivar Nelson


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