This is a good time to be part of the process

I think that it is time for us to stop being distracted by media and other hype and simply involve ourselves in the regulatory processes. As part of my personal push I have reviewed the video of the last four Pullman City Council meetings.

Apparently in response to accusations of a “lack of transparency,” the city is upgrading their website. That has not helped me in my discovery process as the new site does not link well with any of the search engines I that I have used.

Currently, on the old site, you can look for the City Council meeting videos. However they do not update the list often. I have found the following procedure helpful to find the most recent video.

On the City of Pullman website … select the block “City Council Agendas and Minutes.” This will link to a “go.boarddocs” site for Pullman. From the top tabs select “meetings.” Then select the year block on the left and then your specific meeting. Then you can “View the Agenda,” or “Print the Agenda” or “Watch Video. Please also note that if you “View the Agenda” you can find many links to pertinent documents and presentations amongst the lists running on the left of the screen.

I believe that this is a very good year for us to step away from media flack and rather be present in the process.

Tod Merley


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