Urging community support for Pullman school bond, levies

I urge the reader and all residents to vote and vote yes for the Pullman public school bond and levies in February. Pullman is known for its quality education from preschool to kindergarten to 12the grade and its continual support for that education. This bond and levy opportunity is critical because of what it will do.

Our Lincoln Middle School and its teachers touch every single student in Pullman. It is becoming overcrowded and could be a chokepoint between our excellent teachers and facilities in our primary schools and our well-planned and supported high school. It is actually over capacity right now. It was renovated for up to 600 students, currently serves nearly 700 and yes, we are continually growing. The need in Lincoln is for smaller, more personal classes for our young ones. The proposed expansion will provide that enriched environment.

The levies will continue an effective level of districtwide support for, among much more, nurses and counselors, enhanced arts and athletics, and improved HVAC for students, staff and faculty. Overall, this is an efficient and quality measure, and since they are replacement only, no additional tax increases will occur.

I have to admit I am selfish in asking for your yes vote; during our 52 years in Pullman my two daughters benefited from this school system and now, since one of them returned to live and work in Pullman, my fourth-grade grandson, Atticus, will benefit from your vote along with all the young ones of Pullman.

Ken Casavant


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