Celebrating diversity points to God’s greatness

I am amazed at how point-of-view can change everything — and that we have the ability to change our point of view. Anything can appear different if you simply change how you look at it. Take, for example, the way Wayne Olson’s view of diversity differs from mine.

Not only does he see “division,” but he even says that we can’t see diversity any other way.

Wow! The very fact that we can see diversity differently is what helps make us both human. Yet he would deny me that possibility, and, thus, deny me the right to see diversity — or anything else — the way I do. He says it’s all “your side and my side — the line is drawn.”

I thank God that I see diversity through the prism of a Christ-centered Christianity. When someone mentions “diversity” to me, I see the opportunity to expand my sense of being part of this vast and wonderful work of God called humanity. I have the chance to learn more about other people and about myself. Being aware of diversity causes me to see how much greater God is than I might have imagined otherwise.

According to Genesis 1, each of us in our amazing diversity is made in God’s image. The very thought of that thrills me beyond comprehension. That’s how great my God is — that we can have all these people with all these different looks and ideas and theologies and emotions. And God encompasses them all.

I am so glad I choose to see my neighbors from that point of view. Celebrating diversity is not — as Olson says — a problem. For me, it’s a ritual rising out of the heart of God. I am saddened when others choose not to see us that way, even though they have that right.

D’Wayne Hodgin


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