Is the Washington House becoming ceremonial body?

The Washington House Executive Rules Committee, in accordance with the HR 4642 decree to continue the work of the House of Representatives while the House is adjourned or out of session, has purchased an investigation and report from the private investigation firm of Rampart Group LLC to determine whether Rep. Matt Shea has planned or promoted political violence; identify the extent of his involvement with individuals or groups who participate in political violence; and assess the level of threat of political violence posed by those individuals and groups.

The report was delivered to HERC on Dec. 4 in an incomplete form, missing the contents of Appendices that are indicated to contain witness statements and electronic documents that would be assumed to be referenced within the report. The report is replete with undocumented hearsay, speculation and innuendo.

The report accuses Shea of participating in an act of domestic terrorism and claims to have evidence that Shea planned, engaged in and promoted three occurrences of political violence. The details of the report reveal that Shea utilized methods of organization, communication, coordination, negotiation, leadership and prayer in efforts to obtain peaceful, nonviolent resolutions to very tense situations.

Regarding the three main events outlined in the report, the report makes no mention that Shea ever called for violence. The report indicates that Shea’s posture was always defensive in those three cases. Based on the report, HERC has removed Shea from House positions.

The actions of HERC are moving Washington State away from a republican form of government. Unless the course changes soon, elected representatives in the House will not only serve at the pleasure of their constituents, but may serve more so at the pleasure of HERC. If that happens, the House will transform into a ceremonial body.

Kevin Akesson


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