Why they won’t come out in the light of day

I noticed something. The drug prohibitionists are not writing to you, defending their position.

Perhaps, when they sit down to write, they realize that their position is indefensible.

Do I dare to hope? Will they turn their energy to the three goals? 1. Restrict alcohol, tobacco,vaping and marijuana to the state liquor stores, no advertising; 2. Restrict the marketing of pharmaceuticals; and 3. End drug prohibition, returning those drugs to a restricted market structure.

If you know anyone who is a stalwart prohibitionist, ask him if he wants to deregulate the entire pharmaceutical industry, like he deregulated heroin. If deregulating heroin worked so well, then we maybe should consider deregulating the rest of the industry. Or, if deregulating the rest of that industry is too scary, why isn’t deregulated heroin too scary?

Prohibitionists have split their minds. Their position is indefensible, immoral, pushes drugs, and creates crime. It has done far too much damage to this country.

I think I understand why they hide in the shadows, and speak in secret. I think I understand why they don’t come out into the light of day.

Wiley Hollingsworth



End of a decade? Get your math correct

Why must you portray 2019 as the end of a decade when it is not. The very first decade of A.D. was the year 1 A.D. so the first decade ended with the year 10 A.D.

And it follows that 2019 is not the end of the decade, but only the ninth year. The current decade will end December 31, 2020.

The new decade with will begin with January 1, 2021. Get the math correct, please.

Carol Alexander


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