Praying for blessings on the Palouse in 2020

As the year comes to an end, we will find ourselves reflecting on the past and planning for the future. In 2019, it has become clearer to me that the path to peace is through forgiveness, love, and prayer.

So, I pray that as individuals we find internal peace and as a collective, we work towards creating peace in the world in this new year. I wish everyone a happy new year. May God bless the great people of Palouse and the United States.

Ahsan Hidayatullah



Protect this country by fighting for Constitution

The United States is becoming just like the Soviet Union before its collapse.

We have a crumbling infrastructure (bridges, water systems, sewer systems). We have a massive incarceration system, or “gulag.” Our school buildings are aged, inefficient, and sometimes dangerous. We have a bloated military budget that is sucking up our productivity. What’s left of our considerable wealth goes primarily to a few “oligarchs” – individuals who are already extremely rich.

Our government is becoming more and more authoritarian. Our elected officials do not seem to serve the interests of the constituents they are supposed to represent.

However, what we also have, that the Soviet citizens did not, is a Constitution that protects the rights and interests of the people.

It only works if we protect it, and follow its guidance.

I am begging our elected senators and congressmen to honor the oath that they took to protect the Constitution. And if they choose party over country, I am begging the voters to replace them with someone who has the courage to fight for the Constitution and the rights of the electorate.

Constance Brumm



Now is the time to protect our freedoms

I may be a little slow, but I keep hearing President Trump has lied, is conning the people and if he keeps it up, he will destroy America.

If someone reading this would tell me what President Trump has done wrong, because all I see is the majority of American people happy and earning good money. I see the Democrats trying to destroy America by destroying the government. They lie about everything as far as I can see. Ben Franklin said: “We have given you a republic; let’s see how long you can keep it.” So I guess my question is, do we want to keep it or do we want to be ruled by the globalists? We are entering a crossroads and the choice is ours. We hold within our hands the future of this great nation. We are being ruled by a person who I keep hearing say the people rule, not the government. As per the Constitution: “Government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Again, do we believe this or do we want to be slaves to the globalists. The Democrats/globalists want absolute power, nothing more and nothing less. They want to rule each and every one of use from birth to the grave. If we allow government to be our caretakers, we will move towards government being our master, not our servant.

To survive as a nation, there must be a stirring and an awakening in this land. At this time in our history, no greater responsibility rests upon each and every citizen of this great republic, regardless of color, race or creed, that we awaken from our sleep and if called, fight to protect the freedoms vouchsafed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Mike Beirens


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