Columnist got it wrong about California growth

About the only thing that Joe Guzzardi (Daily News, Dec. 30) got correct in his commentary was the first sentence, that as of July 1, California’s population was 40,000 shy of 40 million. For the last two years, it’s been projected that the state would reach 40 million, yet the growth data hasn’t borne out due largely to residents fleeing the state for more affordable states, like Washington.

Guzzardi’s second sentence: “Sacramento demographers, as well as population experts nationwide, agree that California will reach a nightmarish 50 million people by mid-decade.”

No reputable demographer would utter such a preposterous claim!

In March 2017, the Public Policy Institute of California projected the 50 million mark would be reached by 2050. Since then, the state’s growth rate slowed to 0.57 percent, then 0.35 percent in the Dec. 20 report, “the two lowest recorded growth rates in state population since 1900,” according to the state Department of Finance.

However, others suggest that the Golden State will go the way of the Empire State, where the population has been decreasing for the last four years according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s report on Dec. 30.

According to Politico, California is on track to lose a congressional seat “for the first time in its 169-year history.

Irvin Dawid

Burlingame, Calif

Agrees with column writer

Dale Courtney, in his Jan. 8 column, admitted to being the product of a hindered education. I couldn’t agree more; it shows.

Nick Sanyal


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