A suggested headline

Both the Spokesman and Moscow Daily News had huge headlines and articles about (Washington State University football coach Mike)Leach jumping to Mississippi State as though this was critical news to our area. What the headline should have said was “Good Riddance.”

Kathy Graham



Urging support for bond, levies

We’d like to encourage all Pullman voters to approve the Pullman Public Schools bond and levies on the ballot for February. Our community consistently supports our students, teachers and schools, and this is an excellent opportunity to continue that support.

Why do these three measures deserve your consideration? The bond will fund needed renovation and expansion of overcrowded Lincoln Middle School, adding classrooms and making other improvements. LMS was expanded for up to 600 students and currently serves almost 700 students. The number of students is expected to substantially increase over the next 20 years. This bond will relieve crowding and allow for growth.

It also will upgrade HVAC in LMS, Franklin, Jefferson and Sunnyside elementary schools to cool the schools and improve air quality.

The bond was recommended by a team made up of community members and LMS staff representatives who carefully considered public input, cost and needs. The current LMS bond will expire in December 2020, before the new bond would take effect.

The two levies will bridge state funding for crucial needs in our schools, like school nurses, arts, music, technology, counselors and athletics. These are replacement levies for the previously approved, expiring school levy. There will be no tax rate increase for all three measures.

We need your vote. Ballots will begin to arrive around Jan. 24, and must be postmarked by Feb. 11. You can learn more, and sign up to support the bond and levies, at yesforpullmanschools.org.

Cheryl Oliver and Larry Clark

co-chairs, Citizensfor Pullman Schools


The Wizard of Ooze

President Trump is like a sorcerer using magic to pull anger and strife out of thin air. Here’s just a sampling of the malevolence the Wizard of Ooze has stirred up in his caustic caldron.

He conjured up caravans of rapists and murders out of down-trodden people seeking safe harbors.

He spirited a “war on Christmas” from an innocent recognition of religious diversity.

He transfigured FBI incompetence into a lost email server in Ukraine.

He converted a black Christian American president into a Kenyan Muslim.

He transformed the peaceful take-a-knee protest into a conflict about patriotism.

He transmogrified his Ukrainian quid pro quo into a smear of the Bidens.

He turned his inept Russian collusion into a conspiracy led by the Democrats.

Finally, in the most amazing trick of all, he made his 10 cases of obstruction of justice simply disappear!

Paul Oman


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