Some no-brainer solutions to Idaho’s revenue issues

Money, money, money. Tax money, that is. There are several sources of money very easy for our state legislature to tap for education, mental health care, infrastructure, college costs for students and other needs. In 2019 they allowed $2.3 billion in exemptions to the sales tax. From 2005, that exemption has amounted to more than a whopping $28 billion. Instead of raising the sales tax, let’s end 75 percent of those exemptions.

Last year two counties in Oregon, Malheur and Baker, grossed $50 million from pot sales, a huge portion of that coming from Idahoans. Let’s keep that money here plus help us via taxes. Plus, we get a two-fer: people out of prison for pot crimes.

The legislature could easily pass a law that raises taxes on corporations and those making more than $250K per year to specifically help fund education pre-K thru 12. We wouldn’t have to do it by the initiative process like we’re having to do right now.

These three steps are all easy common sense solutions to some vexing revenue issues. We voters have the common sense solutions, time to vote in legislators that share our common sense. The 2020 election is just around the corner.

Dallas Chase


Logging the actions of the presidential groupies

While watching the impeachment proceedings I wondered how history will log the actions of our Commander In Cheat’s GOP groupies.

Senator Lindsey Graham keeps wading further and further into the deep end of dishonesty. Let’s label that as Lindsey’s legacy of lies.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell transformed our Senate into the presidential putz’s puppet show. Mark that down as Mitch’s malevolent makeover.

Idaho Senator Jim Risch, serving on the Senate Intelligence Committee and chairing the Foreign Relations Committee, has blocked every legislative attempt to stop election interference by Russia. Record that as Risch’s Russian rescue.

Representative Devin Nunes, serving on the House Intelligence Committee, rants about nude pictures of Donald Trump. Note that as Nunes’ nutty nonsense.

Representative Jim Jordan, serving temporarily on the House Intelligence Committee, has a history of scorning conscientious whistleblowers. Jot that down as Jordan’s jaded jurisprudence.

Faux Fox News analyst Sean Hannity keeps spinning debunked conspiracy theories. Hail that as Hannity’s handy insanity.

Finally, the president keeps tweeting himself deeper and deeper into the impeachment morass. We can dub that Don’s delusional defense.

Paul Oman


Accuracy Matters

Lisa Kliger’s letter to the editor in Wednesday’s print edition, “Putting hope in the remaining candidates,” included a typo in the headline due to a Daily News error.

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