Legal, safe abortion is good for society

I saw a sign posted in Moscow, black letters on a white yard sign: “Pray to End Abortion.” That’s a conversation I’d like to have with the community.

Implicit in this prayer is to make abortion illegal. Then women (or girls) who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy do what? When I was young, a high school girl I knew had a back-alley abortion. She nearly died. Another I heard of went to a doctor … in Mexico.

So once the evangelicals get their wish and abortion is banned, then those with means will still get their safe abortions, and those without will end up in the ER or bleeding. Time will pass and sad stories will abound.

It will then fall to another generation to sort out the societal issue, and come, eventually, to the same conclusion as Roe V Wade: women need to make their own choices about their own lives.

Legal requirement that an unwanted pregnancy go to term turns against the pregnant woman, making her an unwilling host. Legal, safe abortion is a good for the individual, a good for society.

Zena Hartung



Softball question: What has Trump done wrong?

(Letter writer) Mike Bierens asks someone to tell him what President Trump has done wrong. Not counting the Russia investigation or the Ukrainian affair, here are three of Trump’s wrongs that should cause anyone to reconsider voting for Trump:

1. Trump has threatened every woman in America: “I start kissing them. … You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy … anything.” If you accept what he says and still vote for him, he either has identified that “you” (his word) have no morals or has stolen away your ability to be morally outraged.

2. He has characterized himself as having contempt for the law: “The polls, say I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose … voters. It’s … incredible.” He’s right; it would be incredible for Bierens — who proclaims to honor the Constitution — to hold the law in such low esteem as to vote for Trump. Respect for the law? Trump says not voters like Bierens.

3. According to fact-checking organizations, Trump has told over 15,000 “false or misleading” statements in 34 months, many of them outright lies. Trump has caused Bierens and others like him to disregard facts, to ignore truth — to accept Trump’s fictional witch hunts as reality. He has emasculated Republicans — made them accept fiction for fact. He has wanted to make them fools. And in his eyes, he has succeeded.

To vote for Trump, voters must reject their morals, disavow laws that inhibit him (and them), and reject facts. Beirens is correct — “To survive as a nation, there must be a stirring and an awakening.” but not in the Democrats or the independents. It is in Republicans who refuse to see what they have lost under this wannabe dictator.

D’Wayne Hodgin



Only with God do we have good, evil

Douglas Call (His View, Jan. 1) states that he is “a purely secular … citizen … ” who takes “umbrage at the argument that Christian traditions are the only thing holding back the tide of evil in the world.”

I agree with this statement by Attorney General William Barr. For a democracy and republic such as the United States to continue to exist, the people must be moral with a common standard of right and wrong. Only the word of God, the basis for the founding of this country, provides the necessary absolute standards of good and evil.

From Doug’s statement that he is “a purely secular … citizen … ” I presume his worldview is based on evolution; time, chance and extremely fortuitous planetary conditions. This means he has no rational basis for even believing in good or evil. There is no such thing under such a worldview as sin or evil or even good as normally used. Either God absolutely defines good and evil or society can define it by fiat, whether through dictatorial power or votes. Doug must borrow Judaic-Christian constructs to even talk of good and evil.

Doug picks some very sinful persons, possibly not even Christians, in Christian organizations to poke fun at Christianity. Christianity is exemplified by Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect life, or Billy Graham who, though he failed to live a perfect life, set an excellent example. If you want to see real evil in the world look to the secular dictators who tortured and killed hundreds of millions of people.

Contrast this with the exemplary Christian examples of good throughout history. Christianity is based on solid facts and offers sure hope for eternity. Death is God’s trump card designed by Him to force us to stop and think. However, the choice of worldviews and actual living is ours.

Larry Kirkland



Snow is coming; may we find a way

If the weather man is right, we may have accumulated 12 inches of snow, a couple of inches a day, within the next 10 days. I have not looked at the specific ordinances but I believe that city law says you can be fined up to $500 a day if your walks pose any kind of walking hazard.

I suppose that is a bit draconian, but then if your life is affected by a “walking hazard” the effects may last the rest of your life which you may not even have anymore.

I have been walking a lot in Pullman these last seven years. I believe that some do not clear their walks because they have lost the ability to do so. For them I would hope that volunteers would step forward to help them, be they from the Greek community, the council on aging (which already has a program which may already do this if requested) or other community resources.

Another group I think simply has not the time or interest as they are “too busy.” This may be a business opportunity for local clubs, individuals or others. The $500 a day fine may be an advertising talking point for those interested in starting such a business. Finding them home may be a bit of a problem.

Likely the city road crews will make berms at the crosswalks this year yet again. Last year a generous neighbor lent me some equipment and even helped out a lot facilitating clearing a path through the berms on the crosswalks from Fisk to Grand. I need this path for groceries and laundry. And frankly, even without a load a 1- to 3-foot snow berm is a walking hazard. May we find a way.

Tod Merley


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