Thanks — to most — for obeying fireworks ban

My grandfather farmed in rural Latah county for more than 60 years. I remember stories of farmers helping farmers and neighborhood community clubs who met for socializing but also to check up on one another.

While the vast majority of my neighbors fall into the neighbors-helping-neighbors category, the ones who don’t seem to revel in their disregard for community.

The most glaring example took place July 4 when, despite a county fireworks ban — which was put in place to reduce the risk of wildfire and not to trample on your whatever amendment rights — a fireworks show was put on at the home of Gabriel Rench. You might remember he ran, and was soundly defeated, in the most recent county commissioner race.

Those attending the festivities clearly had no interest in protecting our community, even though the property is surrounded by farmed fields. Those were by no means the only fireworks set off out here, but appeared the largest.

I’d like to add that, clearly, many people did uphold the fireworks ban, because this was overall the quietest July Fourth in many years. My thanks go out to those that put community before personal preferences. Hopefully those numbers will increase in the not-too-distant future.

Linda DeWitt


Understanding science

Larry Kirkland doesn’t understand science or how scientists interpret evidence (Daily News letter, June 6). The scientist’s question is not “what do you believe?” but “what is the evidence?”

Potassium-40 is radioactive with a half-life of 1.248 billion years. It decays mainly (89 percent) to argon-40, which is retained in rocks. Rocks are mostly silicates of aluminum, calcium, magnesium and other common metallic elements. Argon is an inert gas, not chemically bound in rocks but trapped when it is generated inside the rock. Potassium-argon ratios provide evidence for the age of the rock.

I have a question for Kirkland or anyone else who knows more about God than I do. Why is God male? Jesus was supposedly conceived miraculously, not by way of anything so gross as human sex. So why does God have to belong to either sex?

Don Matteson


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