Guided by intuition

What if every decision you made was guided by intuition and you discarded what the thinking mind was telling you? That is so hard to do. I’ve denied intuition over logic 1,000 times at least. After my college years, I came across a transpersonal psychology school out of San Diego at the doctorate level that was opening a campus in Sacramento, where I lived. I eagerly signed up. But I had the intuition, “What if God doesn’t want me to do this?” I didn’t stop and listen; I really wanted to attend. After just one quarter I realized the men teaching in three-piece business suits didn’t understand transpersonal psychology. I realized my mistake and I quit. Lesson learned.

Now when I’m grocery shopping and pause by the potatoes, wondering if we need any, I listen and before my thought is finished, I know the answer from within. This is fun to do, but so many other times my ego (thinking mind) takes over. Does yours? Especially when you really think you need something? Or when you turn the wrong direction, and know it was wrong? I even married a man once, knowing he was not for me. Ego thought otherwise.

When I woke up to the fact that intuition was more powerful and true than reason, I learned to follow that hunch more and more. This morning I heard The Rev. Kimberly Hawkins in Medford, Ore., at the CSL Rogue Valley New Thought Center quote Albert Einstein: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. The thinking mind is its servant.”

We’ve got it backwards, making the thinking mind the master over the spiritual gift. Isn’t that so? Go ahead and use a better way. Practice following intuition more. It cannot fail.

Eleanor Richard


Student order bad for Idaho

The Trump administration’s order to send international students home if their colleges or universities go online because of the pandemic outbreak is cruel and unusual punishment, and this student ban is bad for Idaho.

International students enhance the educational experience at our public two- and four-year institutions by bringing the world’s greatest minds to learn alongside our students. They also contribute to key initiatives at Idaho’s four-year research institutions in areas like humanities, social science, agriculture, science and engineering. Their contributions help drive innovation that stimulates economic growth. Without these students, research at our public institutions would falter and that would negatively affect our economy.

Finally, the tuition international students pay subsidizes the cost of college for our Idaho students. As a resident of Potlatch, I know the financial challenges many rural families face in sending their children to college. This student ban will make college even more expensive and out of reach for our kids. Write to your senators and representatives to tell them you oppose the student ban because not only is it simply mean to send students home in the midst of a pandemic, it is bad for Idaho.

Diane Kelly-Riley


Intelligent dialogue is needed

Many contributors to this page refuse to do anything but support presidential incompetence, through attacks on Donald Trump’s critics and feebly writing Trump may be a petulant child moron, but he’s my guy. It’s sad that virtually nothing has been done for any taxpayer, aside from himself. Yet, I and many others are castigated for not supporting our “great president.” When anything that’s beneficial or good is posited, I’ll be first in line to give credit.

I’m reading blind Trump supporters uttering untenable tropes with little substance. Call me a socialist, antifa or devil worshipper. Weak attempts, by “conservatives,” to indoctrinate readers by generating resentment toward socialism using veiled references to communism.

Systemic ignorance has created deep furrows of exclusion and hate by angering selfish protesters who also refuse to heed warnings from doctors and other highly educated health professionals. To which, the BLM movement and many educated supporters have planted the seeds of inclusion and ending systemic racism, police brutality and pandemic. Who will be the first to chuck children to the Lupus Covidus wolf this school year?

Intelligent dialog and the “greatness” supporters keep harping on is needed. Instead, always Trumpers salivate over a compulsive liar and military buffoon. Trump said Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was “not a real soldier.” Vindman served three tours — South Korea, Germany and Iraq. He was seriously wounded in Iraq in a Humvee explosion and has shrapnel inside him. Not real?

Jim Roach


Water not safe for play

Public health announcement: The University of Idaho uses nonpotable reclaimed sewage water to irrigate. This is relevant because three mothers at the UI arboretum on July 9 let their kids frolic in it. I saw one adorable little girl licking the water off her hands.

I had already inadvertently offended them by asking for more social distance from my kids, so I didn’t pester them again at the time of the sprinkler romp, though now I wish I had.

Never play in the UI sprinklers! Awww, sick!

Ashleigh Bright


Masks can’t be ‘optional’

From my observations around town at various businesses, the compliance with the Moscow city ordinance mandating mask wearing is about 50 percent. This is not enough compliance to make the mask an effective mandate for controlling the spread of COVID-19.

People are using the 6-foot exemption as an excuse to not wear a mask, and mask enforcement by the police is so lax as to be ineffective. Get rid of the 6-foot exemption and encourage the police to assign one officer to visit the businesses around town giving warnings and enforcing the law. Leaving mask wearing “optional” and not enforcing the ordinance renders the effort at controlling the virus moot.

Steve Brown


A better option for 5th

Are you as disappointed with our 5th Congressional District congresswoman as I? Not once has Cathy McMorris Rogers had the courage to stand up to President Donald Trump and his divisive actions. It is time to vote for someone who has the courage, who has demonstrated skill in dealing with people of all walks of life, and who will work across party lines to serve us and our country. It is time to vote for Dave Wilson.

Any successful challenger to McMorris Rogers must bring all Democrats, Independents and disaffected Republicans together to defeat her. Wilson has the best chance in this area to defeat McMorris Rogers in a general election. Wilson will represent us in the broad political center and will build working relationships with all members of Congress.

It is time to put Wilson’s name up against McMorris Rogers in the general election. Vote for Wilson on Aug. 4, and let’s finally get bipartisanship back, get our government working for us again, and get rid of a career politician who has no courage or backbone to stand up for what is right and what is so badly needed in our country today.

Karen Larsen


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