Why are we cowering?

The news is composed primarily of the coronavirus. All sports events, fairs, livestock shows, rodeos, concerts and churches are being canceled for fear of getting this virus which only kills 1/2 of 1 percent of the people infected by it. Not as many, or any more deaths that occurred due to Spanish flu, Hong Kong flu, Swine flu or many other diseases in the past.

Realize, people, that Nancy Pelosi went to China in November 2019 and shortly thereafter this virus attacked America. The Democrats could not impeach President Trump but one way to disrupt a growing economy and reelection was to stop him by any means possible. Let me tell you, not only is this a total farce but a conspiracy to try and get Joe Biden elected and he won’t have to talk anymore than necessary and show his ignorance.

If the Democrats win in November, socialism (communism) will take over America and that is something that causes total destruction to any country that falls prey to its evil ways. Wake up, America. This is a big hoax and all your freedoms are slowly being taken away by deadbeats and Democrats. Or Demorats, as I call them.

I also noticed that over the Fourth of July weekend very few American flags flew along the streets and in Palouse none for fear of offending the BLM movement. What about all the veterans and freedoms in America? As you can see not only are we cowering to a flu epidemic but also to hoodlums who are trying to take over this great country of ours. Again, wake up people.

Duane Mickelsen


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