Concerned about Slonaker growth

Little has been published about the proposed 250-plus unit development north of Slonaker Drive, where I live.

I recently stayed with our daughter and family in a smaller but similar development near Boulder, Colo. Though a good alternative to high-rise and city living in a dense urban area, we noted some areas of concern which may apply here:

Traffic: Traffic lights at the most prominent entry, jammed up morning and evening hours. Slonaker Drive traffic has more than doubled with the completion of Lanny Lane, with mostly pass-through traffic, for those who find it’s the quickest route to other areas. Imagine the traffic on Slonaker and Mountain View after Logos School is completed and 250-plus homes are added. The Slonaker entrance creates an increased potential for problems as the access is about 100 yards from a 90 degree turn on Mountain View. We recently asked a city employee about the potential for a traffic study. The response was “Not this year as we have no summer interns.”

Parking: In the Colorado development, five extra parking spaces per block are provided, but many homeowners have additional cars; don’t always park in the garage; have visitors etc. There are always many cars parked on both sides of the streets including visitors, delivery trucks, and construction.

Snow: Neither the home owners association nor the city is responsible for snow removal for the streets or the 20- to 25-foot alleys with garages. Everyone shovels their own garage alleyways with limited space for disposal. It’s a mess during heavy snows.

I am not opposed to development and I’m aware the initial proposal is under revision. The “we are looking into that” response at previous development meetings regarding traffic and infrastructure for the hundreds of units proposed for Moscow, is inadequate. Once approved, challenges will be with us for years.

Andy Johansen


An endorsement for Fejeran

The Whitman County Democrats have endorsed Eric Fejeran for Pullman City Council, Ward 1, for the Aug. 3 primary. Eric has a strong regional knowledge of housing and family needs. We believe the Pullman City Council needs to lead the way in supporting affordable housing, building community, reinventing our downtown, supporting our senior population and continuing to support a healthy and vibrant environment for their children. Eric can help the council fulfill it’s civic duty. Eric understands the work Pullman needs to do to build a diverse and accepting foundation making Pullman a safe place to live. His experience is exemplary in working with all constituents to reach a decision best suited for all parties involved.

Debbie McNeil

Chair, Whitman County Democrats


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