A response to ‘cowering’

I feel I must respond to Duane Mickelsen’s letter “Why are we cowering?” I have known Duane for 50 years as a former student, a colleague in veterinary medicine and as a good friend.

As a person educated in control of endemic diseases in animals such as hog cholera, swine flu, and hoof and mouth disease, I am baffled that Duane has chosen Trump’s gut-feeling approach to the pandemic. With the latest statistics of over 3.6 million Americans testing as positive and almost 140,000 deaths, Duane’s claim that only one half of one percent actually die from the virus infection seriously downplays how devastating the disease is.

His figures should give much solace to the thousands of families with sick elderly parents, and those grieving over the losses of family members. Of course, the statistics I quote are probably false news and will be rectified by taking the data reporting from the CDC since the truth is embarrassing to the White House. He reports that Nancy Pelosi was in China in November and intimates that she was the carrier of COVID-19 into the United States. Has the president used this joke? Finally, Duane confuses socialism with communism. The farm support program, unemployment insurance, social security and health care programs are all very worthwhile and essential to the well-being of the country. Does one receiving these social programs automatically become a communist? I, too, question why we are cowering, not from the “Demorats” but from the far right (wrong) conservative evangelicals who persist in holding mass meetings on Sundays and for midweek prayer meeting without regard to the potential risk of adding to spread of Covid-19.

Freedom of religion does not include the right to jeopardize the health of your fellow citizens, even those evil souls who choose freedom from religion.

John Alexander


Death by politics?

“People are not dying from COVID-19, they are dying by politics, it is death by politics, death by stupidity.” — Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.

In Vladimir’s practice, 2,200 SARS-CoV-2 cases resulted in 800 treated with early-stage low-dose hydroxychloroquine along with zinc. Only two deaths resulted. So he saw an infection fatality rate of 0.09 percent and a treated case fatality rate of 0.25 percent in his practice in a high population density portion of upstate New York. The rest of hydroxychloroquine-banned New York is running with a CFR of 8.03 percent which is 32 times higher (Johns Hopkins data).

Vladimir shared his success with Italy, Honduras, parts of Brazil, and other nations resulting in a turning point change in their data. The deaths, for the most part, stopped happening.

Hydroxychloroquine is believed to work by being a zinc ionophore. Zinc in a cell apparently enables viral replication control thus apparently reducing viral load. To be effective this must happen early in the disease so the late stage studies are worthless and obviously designed to fail.

I was very happy to find that another zinc ionophore – quercetin – is found in the onions, apples, chocolate, kale, and garlic that are an established part of my diet. I guess I need to find out what capers are all about. This is a short list for quercetin and we can find another for sources of zinc using care to balance our zinc intake with copper.

When queried as to how he believed history would look back regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine during the COVID-19 epidemic, Zelenko replied “anyone who got in the way of access to care, who got in the way of patients having access to medication, committed crimes against humanity and are guilty of mass murder.”

Tod Merley


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