Country before party, please

Some Republicans in Congress are “deeply concerned, very troubled, even angered” after learning of the Russian bounties to the Taliban for killing American soldiers. The president says he didn’t know about it. If he didn’t read his daily briefings, he is incompetent. If he knew about it, he was lying. The Trumplicans are not exercising their rights for checks and balances. Party before country.

Before the 2016 election, when President Obama informed House and Senate leaders about the Russian meddling, the Republicans warned him that if he says anything it will be construed as partisan politics. In a pre-election recording, the Republicans joked about Trump being helped by Putin, and Speaker Ryan said, “Not a word … for that is how we know we’re a real family.” Party before country.

After the election, in spite of proof of emails between the Trump camp and Russia and Wikileaks, when Democrats asked for election security measures from interference by foreign nations, Republicans joined President Trump in calling it a Democratic hoax. Party before country.

Now, more than three years into office, President Trump demands loyalty to himself from members of his cabinet and legislators. His “disloyal” members, after leaving the administration, write books about Trump’s lies and self-centered behavior. John Bolton’s book details Trump’s incompetence, facts and moral-deficit, and reliance on Russia and Putin. Yet, Bolton refused to testify during the impeachment proceedings. Party and money before country.

Recently, some Republicans governors and former cabinet members are speaking out against the president. Will they go against their party and vote for a Democrat or let the country suffer four more years of an incompetent, fact-averse, Russia-loving president? Will they vote their conscience as Senator Romney did during the president’s impeachment trial and place country before party and people before corporations?

Hemlata Vasavada


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