Walking with Jesus

My friend invited me to a Sunday dinner at her church in Moscow. The minister asked after dinner, “When did you meet Jesus?” A reasonable question for Christians; however, she was unaware about the heretic in the room — me. As a proud Unitarian-Universalist, I thought for a moment before telling the following story.

“I first met Jesus in a Baptist Church in Boise. As a religious pilgrim I left the church with Jesus. I took with me two Christian values: love and forgiveness. Jesus and I next attended the Presbyterian Church in Moscow. We left the church with a new appreciation of religious art and ritual. Jesus and I moved on into the wilderness. As an agnostic, I developed a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and the miracle of life. I celebrated this new understanding with Jesus. As a humanist I came to love Jesus in ways I had never imagined.

My religious journey was not over. In the early 90s I worked for the Martin Institute at the University of Idaho. I traveled to 40 communities in Idaho and made more than 400 slide shows to promote peace. The programs were in public schools, service clubs and churches.

In the churches — Catholic, Mormon, Methodist and more — I found something I had not expected. I felt something in every church that was transformational. As a theist I now accept my part in the web of consciousness that allows the universe to be aware of itself. On that account, I finally came to terms with Jesus. Jesus of the Trinity, the man, the myth and finally the mystery. Greater than the mystery is the certainty that my companion through life is still with me and whether God or just a man challenges me to love and forgive.

Stan Smith


Let’s follow Boise

Boise has it right. Boise has developed a 100-page “roadmap” to address the climate emergency. (https://bit.ly/3xk8HK5)

These are detailed plans that range from encouraging distributed and utility scale solar projects, to planting 100,000 trees, to converting to 100-percent zero-emission vehicles and equipment, which will enable the Boise community to meet or exceed the goal of 100-percent carbon neutrality by 2050.

Each proposed action is rated for its ability to provide adaptation to our increasingly serious climate crisis, as well as mitigation (reduction of carbon pollution) and remediation (sequestration of carbon). These plans will improve and protect the health of city residents, stimulate economic activity, and eventually eliminate Boise’s contribution to society’s carbon pollution problem.

In 2010, Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney initiated an early program to address the problem with the 20-percent reduction in municipal emissions by 2020 commitment, which was achieved in 2020 (thank you Nancy and city officials). However there have been no further commitments by Moscow, and the climate emergency has accelerated far faster than anticipated. It is past time to change that. The 105-plus temperatures of the current, unprecedented, historic heat wave certainly drive that point home. Scientists agree that climate change makes heat waves more frequent and hotter. We are lucky that the more frequent and larger fires and resulting smoke have not added to the mix — this time.

At the conclusion of Moscow’s April sustainability workshop, councilors decided that the problem needs more study, shaking their heads in wonder as to how other cities such as Boise could make such commitments. The Boise roadmap is an excellent example of the answer. Moscow city leadership needs to follow the lead of other places such as Boise, make a commitment, then approve a detailed climate action plan. There really is no rational alternative.

Al Poplawsky


Use science to find truth

Daily News columnist Douglas Call brought up the interesting topic of worldview, the basic perspective each of us has on the origin of the universe, how life came about, the purpose of man and more.

Douglas’ self-proclaimed worldview is atheistic and evolutionary. That is, that somehow the universe has always existed or somehow came into existence and that somehow inorganic material somehow converted to living organisms which somehow evolved to higher organisms culminating in humans. The whole process is purposeless.

The alternative worldview, which has a number of versions, basically believes, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth … ” and all living things. Again in various versions the purpose of man is to glorify God though how he lives and enjoy God forever. Both worldviews have some scientific evidence to support them but ultimately they are accepted by faith.

Douglas focused on a radioactive decay series to postulate the billions of years supposedly needed for evolution to occur. In contrast, the biblical worldview postulates that God created the universe relatively recently with all life unique. Science can help us resolve which worldview best describes the existence of the universe and life. Recent discoveries of blood vessels, collagen and other organic material in dinosaur bones tells us that the bones are not millions of years old. C14 in coal beds, diamonds and other supposedly very old carbon also tells us that these are much younger than the millions or billions of years hypothesized. The Mount St. Helens eruption and follow-up also showed us how petrified forests are formed, that coal can be created in a very short time and that a mini Grand Canyon can be created in hours. Neither worldview has exclusive scientific support. Our challenge is to use science to find the best explanation and the truth.

Larry Kirkland


Vaccine-caused deaths unclear

As the end of June approached, around “600,000” COVID-19-related deaths are reported in the United State. The 600,000 is the magic number which seems to stick. Most major media outlets publish that figure:. NPR, The NY Times, CBS, NBC, the LA Times, Fox News, NY post, and US News, etc.

But when it comes to deaths resulting from the “jab,” these same influential news giants go a bit wobbly. Is it “150,000” reported by VAERS earlier, and subsequently removed by the CDC, or is it some other number? They don’t tell us. They get coy and evasive about the real figures. Armies of so-called ‘fact checkers’ step in, providing conflicting data.

Would that the medical establishment listen to highly credentialed virologists like Canadian Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a Cambridge graduate. Hodkinson has a pedigree a mile long. His mistake, I guess, was to declare early on that “masks are utterly useless,” and to take lots of Vitamin D to arrest COVID-19 symptoms. They blanked him out quick.

Anecdotes abound: A 12-year-old tennis star dies after the jab. Four British Airway pilots expire, their deaths linked to the vaccine. One of the greatest boxing middleweights of all time succumbs after receiving his injections. On anD on. Such incidents are explained away insouciantly by the corporate media, the academes and World Health Organization types.

Alas, the bishops of my church offer little pushback. Most of these spineless creatures fully support the corporate/government vaccine agenda. Fourth century bishop, St. Gregory Nazianzen warned, even back then, that “bad bishops” were more to be feared than lions and snakes. The leopard, he wrote, “is a gentle creature,” compared to these bishops.

No matter, in the end, as the hymn intones: “Jesus shall reign where’er the sun; Doth his successive journeys run … .”

Tim Moore


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