A peaceful start to the day

I’m sitting here at my computer work center, watching the steam rise from my morning coffee, turning over in my mind one very simple truth as I scan the news on my computer from several different sources.

The simple truth is that each of us, some day and some time will step out of this world. The question is, “If I knew that this was my last day on Earth, how would I live my last day?”

My Lord has given me a gift, through years of very tough life trials and two near-death experiences of which I have asked this question of myself, and the quiet time to think about this question and the answer. The gift is that I have been able to act upon the answer.

Though I am up in years, I can tell my children and my children’s children that I love them and give them a bear hug. I can do a favor for a friend, and not expect anything for repayment. I can sit here in the peace and the quiet of my home and watch the splendor of the sun coming up as I look down the valley toward Moscow Mountain from my home — and give thanks for the eyes to see, and the mind to comprehend the glory of my Lord as I watch the day unfold.

My world is not about me, it is about those around me. A kind word here, a concern for others there, a helping hand to and for someone who cannot do for themselves. My day that I have planned is a very, very good day for I will never live this day again. Amazing what a good cup of coffee will do for one’s soul in a peaceful start to one’s day.

Wayne L. Olson


Note from serial killer

I am a serial killer. Please help me kill the ones you love — your husband, wife, children, parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors. I may spare you for a time as a way of thanking you for your help. I have always preyed on human superstition, ignorance and vanity. I have never used a gun, a knife, a spear or a club. I enjoy taking human lives while inflicting a maximum of pain and suffering. I enjoy destroying the heart and lungs in a slow meticulous manner while my victims gasp for breath.

Please continue in your belief that your personal freedom is more important than the wellbeing of others. I will kill again and again. I enjoy bringing fear, suffering and hysteria on a daily basis into the world. I am a serial killer after all. I am excited to have you help me murder others. You are my accomplice.

Eleven million people have contracted COVID-19 and more than half a million have died in the world. In the United States, 2.6 million people have COVID-19 and 130,000 have died. COVID-19 numbers are surging around the country, 56,000 new cases in one day. Is your claim to personal freedom worth putting others at risk?

P.S. I am not welcome in Moscow today. The decision to require a mask is the right one and an example of responsible, informed leadership. Thanks to the mayor and Moscow City Council.

Stan Smith


Glad for a big God

I am glad that I worship a big God. My God is big enough to love everybody. Wow! Just think of that.

My God is big enough to love my crotchety Grandma Bertha, who was one of the most overtly racist people I have known. My God is big enough to love politicians, criminals and even tax collectors. Why, my God is big enough to love me. And just ask my kids; that can be a real chore sometimes. And my God doesn’t even have to work at it. Wow! It’s just the most natural thing for my God to love me — and you. No matter what your gender — or if you don’t have one — or have too many. His (or hers, take your pick — I mean, God is BIIIIG) word says that “God is no respecter of persons.” That is, each of us gets all the love that God can give — since we are all the same in his eyes.

It’s just too bad that some worship a small God, one that is so human that it discriminates against any who are different or have different beliefs — or just want to be left alone so that they can go to the bathroom without it being a big deal.

We all have the right to worship (or not) whatever or whomever we choose. But why would you choose to worship a God that’s as bigoted as ... as a bigot? Why would you worship a limited, and limiting God? I mean, that’s just worshipping some form of your self-indulgent self, it seems to me — if yourself happens to be someone who prefers people just like yourself and not many others, maybe no others. Which you have the right to do. But why would you? So limiting. So ungodly.

D’Wayne Hodgin


Loving their neighbors?

On Friday morning, Doug Wilson led members of Christ Church through (a local restaurant) to the back room for Bible study. They rudely ignored Mayor Bill Lambert’s mandatory mask order and the restaurant staff’s polite request that masks be worn. This behavior coupled with the very large gatherings of Christ Church members to worship close together and without masks causes us to wonder if they really understand the message in the Bibles they are studying.

Doug says that the Christ Church membership feels safe. He is missing the point. Jesus never says, “Follow me and I will make you safe.” Rather, the central message of the Gospels is “Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34). Similarly, controlling the COVID-19 virus is not about us as individuals. Rather, it’s about the linkages within the community.

Currently, the only way we can minimize the spread of this contagious virus is to reduce our physical linkages with one another. Masks and social distancing are the only tools that we have. Christ Church has ensured that there are 1,000 folks in town who have an increased chance of carrying and spreading the virus among us. How does this behavior demonstrate love for neighbors?

Kim Campbell

Katherine Campbell


Genuine concern for all

I really appreciate Mayor Bill Lambert’s order to wear masks and social distance here in Moscow, especially in response to the increased spike in confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in recent days. This demonstrates his genuine concern for the health and safety of our community.

John Morse


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