Tired of the Democratic Party, those blaming the president

I have never in my life been so done with the Democratic Party.

I am sick of everyone blaming our president for all the problems that are caused by the Demrats.

I am all about people coming here legally. I am not for the invasion that is happening. First off, you have the nerve to push your way into America and complain about the detention centers. Illegals have no rights here.

You Demrats forget that the American people come first.

You were sworn into our government to protect and serve the American citizens.

We have hungry kids starving, vets who are homeless, older people who are on a fixed income.

Yet you think it’s OK to give the illegals free insurance, drivers licenses, free housing and … welfare. Who do you think pays for them … it’s the taxpayers.

I want to address Curt Parsons letter blaming Trump for expressing what a lot of people think. The Demrats need to stop trashing America, especially when the people you’re trashing pay your overabundant salaries. If you five woman in the Demrat party don’t agree then get the hell out.

Sandra Weeks



‘Breaking Cat News’ not to be messed with

I must take issue with Nick Gier’s comments on the Daily News Opinion page about the current comics in the Daily News.

“Breaking Cat News” is one of my, and my whole family’s, favorite strips ever. It is full of literary references; where else would we find mention of H.P. Lovecraft and the musical “Hamilton?”

Where else would we find mice and frogs dancing in the moonlight, just as they do in folk songs? “Breaking Cat News” also shows friendship, ghost cats (and people) and a good attitude toward strangers as well as cats of all walks of life.

This is a comic for all ages. Please keep it.

Barbara Paulson


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