Immigrants need marches and rallies, but also real action

The “border crisis” is a phrase that we are hearing throughout our country, often to describe the number of migrants seeking admission to the United States.

The real crisis, however, is how our country is treating people who are coming here to seek a better life. The common claim is that the U.S. is a country of immigrants, and that it mostly true (recognizing that natives and many black folks do not have immigrant ancestors).

So why do we demonize immigration when it comes from brown and black populated countries?

There are currently adults and children being held in horrific conditions with no end in sight solely because they attempted to seek asylum status in our country. Their actions are caused by the U.S. interfering in their home countries, causing many of the conditions migrants seek to flee. Seeking asylum is not illegal, despite common rhetoric.

If you are a human with a heart and soul, you will feel hopeless, angry, sad and fearful for the people being held in these camps. How could you not, knowing the conditions they are living in? The question circulating is, “What we can do as individuals to help people in this situation?”

While marches and rallies are great, this cannot be our only action. If you have money to spare, think about donating to a bail fund like National Bond Fund.

If you have space in your home, think about sponsoring an asylum seeker and their family in order to get them out of detention while their case is pending.

We can all be doing more and if you care about what is happening, you should be acting in some way or another.

Audrey Faunce


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