Reflecting on knees and necks

We kneel in church to beg, thank and praise our creator. We kneel on the ground to plant flowers, grow food, and to garden.

We kneel on wet beach sand to shape sand castles. We even drop to one knee to pop the question for lasting human love.

Now, the neck, the throat, was created for singing lullabies and praise, for talking and laughing, even necking, and for teaching, and for swallowing food and drink.

All of which brings me back to April 4, 1968 when civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, was shot in the neck and killed. I was a junior at the University of Dayton, Ohio. On a very cold day, many U.D. students and I gathered outdoors, circled and held hands in silence to honor MLK.

His death prompted me to submit a short poem which the Dayton Daily News printed. After 52 years the only line I recall of that short poem is “And the silent throat spoke.”

Sadly now, we are here again in 2020 with another black neck and vibrant person to be honored, newly buried George Floyd. Another “silent throat” cries out a profound message heard ‘round the world. I only pray there will be no need ever again to repeat this line honoring yet another black soul.

Patricia Rutter


Jordan, not Risch

Jim Risch has been in politics a long, too long time, so long that he fell asleep during a “trial” of impeachment of the president. But I ask, what has Jim done for Idaho? I wish he could answer that question.

He is so sure that the Idaho voter will fill in the candidate with “R” next to their name that he doesn’t even try to do anything for Idaho or for that matter, the nation. Who cares what Idaho or the nation needs? He knows what, or rather, who butters his own toast. It is big money special interests that garner his attention and support. Not the citizens, not the taxpayers, not you and me — just himself.

Recently President Donald Trump gave his endorsement to both Risch and Sen. Mike Crapo which they gladly accepted. That, in itself, should tell you something about their characters.

Please support Paulette Jordan. Try a new path toward a more representative Senate, Congress and government. For us, for the people.

Roger Hayes


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