Blurring the lines

Once again, through the stench of misinformation and naivete, Joe Long (June 8) says the number of police gun deaths to unarmed citizens is, basically, libtards gone wild, no news here. Long said recently he’s never been so proud to be a Republican. … He used a Fox News story and source Larry Elder, claiming police only killed 27 unarmed people last year.

We need know only this to reject Larry Elder’s alternative facts — that Democrats started the KKK, that Republicans did not own slaves, that Democrats opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments and that racism is “personal responsibility.” Derek Chauvin’s “personal” touch on George Floyd’s neck?

Politifact, CNN, Rev. Roland Martin and other organizations all report 2019 unarmed civilian deaths by police were actually over 1,000. Martin said Elder believes, basically, anything and added the Trump problem is because of “stupid Republicans.”

Long based his opinion on the narrowest Elder parameter — unarmed civilians dying from police gunfire. Long, Elder and Fox News intentionally omit police deaths by chokeholds, tasers, other forced physical restraints and citizen deaths by off-duty cops.

Invoking George Floyd’s criminal history is useless and is solely meant to inflame people. It’s no wonder promoting fraudulence, hate and exclusion to angry people are big reasons why Trump has so easily duped so many. Plus, his easy-to-read poker face reveals his … lies and misinformation.

Once conservative, congressional Republicans have superbly failed at the truth. But on this page have succeeded mightily at blurring the lines.

Jim Roach


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