Problem with their approach

Chuck found a new word. Isn’t that delightful. Apparently 3.85 million dead and counting, or people’s struggle for justice, is merely theater for him. Chuck (masks make me wince) Pezeshki, and Dale (I refuse to wear the mask of the Beast) Courtney saw the steps taken and their impact on business and religious freedoms as unjustified to reduce the spread of COVID 19.

They would rather we hadn’t done anything. Of course, hiding behind religion to do harm to others will always be with us, pandemic or not, and capitalism barely blinked. The same paper reported that Idaho’s jobless rate dropped to 3 percent. One of the wonders of America is that if you lose a fortune, you can keep at it and create a new one. Chuck and Dale would have happily sacrificed 100,000s or more American lives so you wouldn’t have to go through that.

They probably adhere to the belief expressed by others that more deaths, with their familial impacts and psychic trauma would have been more acceptable as compared to a relatively brief period of (semi)isolation on our collective mental health and prosperity. Fortunately, enough of us listened to the science and followed CDC guidelines as they evolved (because that’s what scientific understanding does), so that you can rebuild. The problem with their approach? You don’t live in the Land of Opportunity when you’re dead.

Roger Rowley


How sad it that?

A half-page Fathers Day ad Friday was nothing but guns. Yes, kids, get your dad a 12 Gauge Auto Shotgun or a 9 mm 17 RD pistol for his special day. How sad is that?

But this is a gun-crazy country we live in, and especially for many older white guys, the Second Amendment is the best part of the Constitution.

Most gun owners realize that packing guns in public, with the exception of the police, looks pretty creepy.

I hope I live long enough to see Americans outgrow their guns and move on to a more tolerant culture.

Richard Shafer


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